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EE Class Offerings with GSE Correlations

For current and confirmed reservations, please submit your class requests at: Burton 4-H EE Program Planner Submission Form

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Overnight Burton 4-H EE Programs & Descriptions

Burton 4-H Classes correlate with Georgia Standards of Excellence. Please view which classes best fit for your grades standards below.

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School Led Suggestions

School Led Program Suggestions (as advised)

Lodging Information

1-page Dorm Assignment Planner (optional but helpful)


Our eight (8) dorms have central heating and are air-conditioned. Each one of our dormitory lodgings is unique, varying in size and total capacity. Our smallest dorm can accommodate 10 people (2 adults: 8 youth) and our largest dorm can accommodate 28 people (2 adults: 26 youth). There is a total of 156 beds on site (16 adult: 140 youth). Additional adults may sleep in the main room with youth. Finalized dorm assignments will be provided by center personnel thirty days (30) prior to group arrival date. Finalized dorm assignments depend on total number of group reservations and the gender breakdown of those groups. Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island reserves the right to change the designated dorm(s) and/or buildings being used by a group to better accommodate other groups using our facilities. Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island also reserves the right to reduce the total number of dorm(s) and/or buildings to be used by a group when actual attendance is lower than the original estimated attendance.

No food or beverages are allowed in the dormitories.  No tents, motor homes, or travel trailers are allowed to overnight at Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island.

Meal & Dining Hall Information


The 4-H centers strive to routinely evaluate practices to promote the safety of guests. As such, the 4-H centers have been working together to create consistency in the approach to food allergens.

Please note, the 4-H centers are “allergen aware” not “allergen free.” The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes nine major food allergens as: crustacean shellfish, eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, tree nuts, and wheat. All guests should be aware that products, prepared items, and cooking facilities may contain or have had contact with these nine major allergens at the 4-H centers.

If you have questions or concerns about accommodating allergies during your upcoming trip, please contact your trip organizer then contact our Dining Hall Manager, Erin McMahon, at erin.mcmahon@uga.edu or call 912-786-5534.


Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island has its own dining hall facility that prepares meals for groups visiting the Center. Meal start times and approximate end times (depending on the total number of on-site guests) are as follows;

  • Breakfast KP 7:30 AM / Breakfast Service 7:55 AM – 8:30 AM
  • Lunch KP 11:00 AM / Lunch Service 11:25- 12:00 PM
  • Dinner KP 5:00 PM -/ Dinner Service 5:25 6:00 PM

Each group must notify the corresponding Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island personnel in writing thirty (30) days in advance with an accurate number of guests that will attend.  A final, guaranteed count for the first meal is required seven (7) days in advance. Any changes or additions to the menu must be discussed with the Food Operations Manager and may result in a price increase. For an additional fee, refreshment and coffee breaks can also be provided and delivered to groups. All food services must be arranged through Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island personnel. No outside catering services are allowed.

Supervision & Adult to Student Ratio


We request groups plan for a 13:1 or 12:2 student to adult ratio for our programs due to transportation logistics in off-site program offerings.

All groups will provide supervision of youth participants at all times, including, but not limited to, class, meal, recreation, and lodging times.  The Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island strongly encourages an adult to student ratio for events of 2 adults: 12 youth. It is very important to have 2 adult supervisors per activity group as programming led by Burton staff cannot proceed without adult supervision.  If an adult gets sick or cannot provide supervision, programming will be directly affected.

Payments & Invoices


  • Environmental Education Program Payments: Email burton4h@uga.edu to request an invoice(s). For payments, we accept both credit card and/or checks for your deposits and final balances; Please make checks payable to Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island.


  • Georgia 4-H Foundation Payments (Canteen): Email burton4h@uga.edu to request an invoice(s). Gift shop and t-shirt orders are cash or check only, separately made payable to Georgia 4-H Club Foundation.


  • Vendor Payments: For local vendors used to support select Environmental Education Programs, you will be expected to pay the vendor directly before attending their program. W-9 forms and Sales Tax Exemptions (ST-9) are required for vendors. Groups unable to provide these forms will be subject to Georgia sales tax. Contact the corresponding vendor(s) for invoices and payments.

Student & Adult Leader Section

Student & Chaperon Information & Documents

Make your trip a success by reviewing and downloading the forms below!

Adult & Student EE Guidelines

What to Wear & Pack:



Tour of the Burton 4-H Center Video

Pre/Post Trip Learning Tools

Student Journal Questions for EE Classes

Student Journal Questions are available for students to reflect and review their experiences at the Burton 4-H Center! Our journal questions are broken down by Beginner (5 questions), Intermediate (8 questions) and Advanced (10 questions). Beginner questions are recommended 3rd-5th Grades, Intermediate questions are recommended for 6th-8th Grades and Advanced questions are recommended for 9th-12th Grades. Depending on your students and trip dates, please feel free to use the appropriate level of journal questions as needed. Please find cover pages also below.

Answer Keys are available for teachers for Student Journal Questions, please email Erine-Fay.

Cover Pages for Student Journal Question Booklets 

3rd-12th Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Journal Questions & Experiences 

3rd-5th Grade Student Journal Questions

6th-8th Grade Student Journal Questions

9th-12th Grade Student Journal Questions 



Erine-Fay McNaught, EE Program Coordinator
Burton 4-H Center
Phone: (912) 786-5534  Fax: (912) 786-9814
E-mail: erinefay.mcnaught@uga.edu