Trip Planner

3-Day/2-Night Field Study –

Our traditional program involves 5 day and 2 evening classes taught by the Burton 4-H Center staff.

4-Day/3-Night Field Study –

Arrive on Sunday and stay until Wednesday to experience even more of what we have to offer. This price includes an extra class, breakfast and night of lodging.

5-Day/4-Night Field Study –

Get the most of your week with up to 10 day and 4 night classes.

Day Program –

This program involves two hours of class and is ideal for schools within an hour’s drive of Tybee Island. You can arrange it so you take one hour of programming, eat your sack lunch on our grounds, followed by another one hour of programming. Many class choices are available and take advantage of the Burton 4-H Center’s resources as well as the barrier island environment.

We can also provide transportation to and from your school for $3 per person (when our buses are available and within Chatham County only).

Field Study Planning Information

Listed below are items to help the lead teacher prepare for their field study at the 4-H Center.

Teacher Trip Planner

This information and forms are available in .pdf form for download:


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