For over 100 years, Georgia 4-H has provided young people with leadership training and opportunities to apply what they learn.  Step Up and Lead (SUAL) allows 4-H to share its leadership development expertise with a broader audience of emerging youth leaders.  SUAL is a half-day conference that focuses on cultivating leadership skills in Georgia’s younger students while providing adult leaders with a framework for engaging these students when they return to school.  SUAL Conferences are held in both the fall and spring at locations around the state.


Step Up and Lead is designed for older elementary and middle school students (grades 4-8) who have demonstrated interest in or aptitude for leadership, whether in Student Council, Beta Club,  4-H Officers, Safety Patrol, or otherwise.  The conferences feature three exciting and interactive workshops, designed and facilitated by 4-H youth development professionals, to engage and empower youth in future leadership initiatives. These three sessions focus on building communication and presentation skills, understanding leadership and personality styles, and team building and group process skills.  Click the button below to find out how to register your school group today!


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What Students Are Saying…

  • “The most important thing I learned today is that a leader must be trustworthy, cooperative, and the most reliable person that people can depend on. They must be prepared for a presentation, show emotions that are good, and solve problems as a team.”
  • “I learned a lot about public speaking and how you should speak loud and make eye contact.”
  • “I learned how to talk to my classmates and share ideas with them.”

What Teachers Are Saying…


  • “I really feel like just giving them a chance to think about what it really means to lead is incredibly powerful.”
  • “It seemed to have made my students ‘think.’ They really seemed to grasp what leadership is.”
  • “My students learned a lot about the importance of working as a team.”
  • “The children came up with some great ideas that could be implemented within the schools.”
  • “The team building exercises were very helpful. They walked away feeling confident in their classmates and themselves.”
  • “This conference allowed our students to build and practice leadership skills in a safe, encouraging environment.”







Organized By

The University of Georgia
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Cooperative Extension, Georgia 4-H

The Georgia Association of Middle School Principals

The Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals