Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Georgia 4-H,

We are so excited to begin another year in this great organization, though it will no doubt be different than previous years. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our mission as the Georgia 4-H State Board of Directors remains the same:  to share and help provide #opportunity4all through the diverse experiences 4-H offers to help youth develop social responsibility, empower them to live an authentic life, and grow as leaders who can make the best better, regardless of circumstances.  Whether planning events, leading community service activities, serving as ambassadors for our organization, or creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, we aim to lead by example for the 243,000 Georgia 4-H youth participants, thousands of adult volunteers, hundreds of 4-H professionals, and countless others who support 4-H.

The State Board of Directors is comprised of nine members: a President, Vice President, three State Representatives, and four District Representatives. We make decisions regarding state-wide issues, events, and ideas. We aspire to understand and consider the needs and desires of all 4-H’ers as we make decisions that impact the 4-H program to insure that our organization continues to thrive and benefit those it serves.

We would also like to formally welcome you to the Georgia 4-H website. This site will help you discover and learn more about the many programs that our great organization has to offer. Whether you are new to the club or a seasoned member, Georgia 4-H has something for all.  Find your passion and build upon it in 4-H!

Making the Best Better,

Jhaycee Barnes, Lily Thomas, Cooper Hardy, CJ Harris, Amare Woods, Parker Varnadoe, Salih El-Gayyar, Lilah Grace McClintock, and Etain Campbell


Meet Your Current Board of Directors

Jhaycee Barnes

Jhaycee Barnes, State Board of Directors President, is a high school junior from Spalding County. She has been an active 4-H’er since the fifth grade. Jhaycee is a four-time Master 4-H’er, having mastered in both team and individual Consumer Judging and in Project Achievement for the Computer Information Technology and International projects. She loves to learn new things and travel. She has served on Northwest District Junior and Senior Boards, where her love for 4-H was able to flourish while serving others. Jhaycee says that 4-H has shaped her into the person she is today, and she is very excited to serve Georgia 4-H this year!


Lily Thomas

Lily Thomas, State Board of Directors Vice President, is a junior at Putnam County High School. She began participating in 4-H during the fourth grade.  4-H has provided Lily many experiences in leadership, including serving as a member of the Northeast District Senior Board of Directors, President of the Putnam County Council, and as a 4-H Ambassador in the Healthy Living and Ready4Life Programs. She enjoys competing in Food Prep, Consumer Judging, and District Project Achievement.  Through 4-H, Lily has developed a passion for civic engagement by volunteering and raising awareness about such issues as domestic violence and local food insecurities. Lily is a three-year member of Clovers and Company, where she performs as a vocalist. Outside of 4-H, Lily plays the electric guitar in the jazz band, runs cross country, plays tennis, and serves as class president. Lily is a third generation 4-H’er, and considers serving on the state board a great honor.


Cooper Hardy

Cooper Hardy, a junior at Westfield High School, is a State Board Representative from Pulaski County.  He is the son of Brad and Danetta Hardy and has been a member of Georgia 4-H since the fifth grade. He is the featured male dancer in the 4-H performing arts group Clovers & Company.  He has also served as President on the Southwest District Junior and Senior Boards of Directors and is currently serving on the Pulaski County Sigma Lambda Chi Board as Vice President. Cooper says that 4-H has given him and many other youth opportunities to truly become themselves and develop their own interests. Cooper is excited to be serving on state board.


CJ Harris

Croswell (CJ) Harris is a high school senior from Newton County and a State Board Representative. He was introduced to 4-H in the fourth grade. When he reached the seventh grade, CJ saw the wide range of opportunities that 4-H presented and decided to merge it with his own interests, starting a three dimensional (3-D) printing project with the e-NABLE organization to create prosthetics for those who need them. With his project, CJ has mastered in Project Achievement in Mechanics and Engineering and enthusiastically teaches and promotes STEM through 4-H. He served on the 2018-19 Northwest Senior Board of Directors and is ecstatic about serving this organization for years to come.


Amare Woods

Amare Woods is a State Board Representative and  junior at Tift County High School. He has been an active member of Tift County 4-H since the fifth grade and served as the 2017-2018 Southwest District Junior Board Vice President and as a 2019-2020 Senior District Board member. Amare is a two-time Master 4-H’er in Dairy Quiz Bowl and Egg Preparation Demonstration contests.  He has even had the opportunity to compete at the national level.  Outside of 4-H, Amare enjoys gardening, cooking, and writing. He is excited and thankful for the opportunity to serve Georgia 4-H this year and help make the best better.


Parker Varnadoe

Parker Varnadoe, the Northeast District Representative, is a high school senior from Madison County. Parker is a two-time Master 4-H’er in Performing Arts – General and 4-H Food Challenge. He has been a member of Georgia 4-H Clovers and Company for seven years and served on the Northeast District Senior Board of Directors. Parker is a National 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador and serves as Captain of his county’s 4-H Shotgun team. He has competed in numerous other 4-H events including National 4-H Filmfest, Leadership in Action, Dean’s Awards, Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging, and Food Product Development. He loves serving as a teen leader at 4-H events, especially Cloverleaf camp. Outside of 4-H, he is active in church, school and community theatre, Thespian Society, and Interact Club. Parker is grateful for the many opportunities Georgia 4-H has provided him and is honored to serve Georgia 4-H this year.


Salih El-Gayyar

Salih El-Gayyar is a homeschooled high school junior from Fayette County. He has the honor of serving as Northwest District Representative on this year’s Board of Directors. He got his start in 4-H as a third-grader at his local homeschool club, and since then, his love for 4-H has flourished. He competed in Project Achievement and went to State Congress in the Robotics category, competed and mastered in Wildlife Judging, and served on the 2019-2020 Northwest District Senior Board. Between these many experiences, 4-H has broadened his knowledge of so many things, improved his public speaking abilities, made him a better leader, and taught him skills that will impact his future.  He is so thankful and honored to be able to serve an organization that has given him so much.


Lilah Grace McClintock

Lilah Grace McClintock, the Southeast District Representative, is in her junior year at Bacon County High School. She began her journey with 4-H in the fourth grade at summer camp, where she fell in love with the organization. Her favorite 4-H events are State Council and Summer Camp.  Through 4-H, Lilah has served as a leader in various capacities over the years. She was elected to the Southeast District Junior and Senior Boards of Directors, serves as a Teen Leader at different Cloverleaf 4-H events, and leads club meetings in her county 4-H program. She competes in Project Achievement in the Human Development category. Lilah is very passionate about 4-H and shares, “I would not be the person I am today without 4-H, and I am grateful to be part of such an organization.”


Etain Campbell

Etain Campbell, Southwest District Representative from Pulaski County, is a junior at Hawkinsville High School. Etain has been active in 4-H since the third grade, from attending camps to state events. She served as a member of both the Southwest District Junior and Senior Boards of Directors and is currently the Pulaski County 4-H Sigma Lambda Chi Reporter. Etain cultivates her musical talent by participating in Clovers & Company (the Georgia 4-H performing arts group) and her high school’s marching band. She is currently leading her own service project, Musical Knots, to help kids in her community afford musical instruments. Etain shares, “I cannot imagine a better tool to have shaped my life than 4-H.”



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