Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Georgia 4-H,

We are absolutely ecstatic to begin another year in this organization that we love so much. Our mission as the Georgia 4-H state board of directors is to build meaningful relationships in order to advocate for leadership development, service, inclusivity, and education for the almost 170,000 Georgia 4-H Youth Members. Whether planning events, leading community service activities, or creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, we aim to lead by example in order to advance the community of Georgia 4-H.

The State Board of Directors is comprised of nine members: a President, Vice President, three State Representatives, and four District Representatives. We make decisions regarding state-wide issues, events, and ideas. As we make decisions, we strive to take the needs and desires of all 4-H’ers into account so we can make our program thrive on all fronts.

We would also like to formally welcome you to the Georgia 4-H website. This site serves as an excellent resource for all programs that our great organization has to offer. Whether you are a new or seasoned member, Georgia 4-H has something for all.  Find your passion and build upon it in 4-H!

Making the Best Better,

John Henry Walker, Andy Martin, George Moore, Jordan Daniels, Tandria Burke, Dawson Babischkin, Andie Ellett, Olivia Phillips, Caleb Moseley


Meet your Current Board of Directors

John Henry Walker serves as the State 4-H Board of Directors President from Cook County. He is a senior in high school and has been homeschooled his entire life. His first 4-H experience was Junior Camp in 7th grade, which sparked his interest in the organization. This interest quickly grew into a passion. Some activities he’s participated in include teen leading for his county, competing in poultry and forestry judging, leading a local health and fitness initiative, Southwest district Senior Board President, and serving on the State 4-H Communications and Technology team.  John Henry placed 1st with his team at the Southwest district forestry competition and 1st in public speaking at the Georgia National Fair, wrote and co-directed the NOBULL challenge video which won the 4-H tech team a national 1st place prize, and was one of only 15 4-H’ers selected to represent 4-H by welcoming the United State’s Secretary of Agriculture to the Georgia National Fair One of his favorite things about 4-H is attending all the local and state events. He enjoys competing in the communications project, which he has earned two 2nd place titles. John Henry plans on pursuing a career in video production and enjoys writing script and editing videos in his past time.  He feels blessed to have been given all the opportunities he’s had through 4-H, and is especially thankful for all the amazing friends and mentors he’s met along the way who have been valuable role models. He plans on continuing to stay involved with 4-H long after high school so that he can give back to the organization that has given him so much. He is beyond honored to have the opportunity to serve on the State Board of Directors and is excited to use his position to help benefit and serve others.


Andy Martin is your State Vice President from Emanuel County in the Southeast District. Andy is a junior at Swainsboro High School and has been active in 4-H ever since he joined in the fifth grade. He is in the Communications Project at District Project Achievement, competes in Poultry, Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging on the district and state level, attends multiple state events, and is active in his community as he has started campaigns to increase awareness for domestic violence and the impact of adults in their children’s lives. Andy is the current Emanuel County Secretary and served as the 2017-2018 Southeast District Senior Board President. Outside of 4-H, he is a dual-enrollment student at East Georgia State College, performs in his school’s concert and marching band, is a starter for his school’s varsity soccer team, and stays busy with other organizations like the Beta Club. Throughout Andy’s 4-H career, his path has been influenced with the excellent help of 4-H mentors like Jeffrey Burke that showed him the true meaning of 4-H. Andy says, “4-H isn’t just a pastime or a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Every event 4-H’ers attend is an opportunity for them to make lifetime relationships and makes memories that they will never forget. 4-H is a blessing, and I am honored to represent this amazing organization. Being on State Board has already taught me so much, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me. Thank you Georgia 4-H for allowing me to be better than the best I potentially could.”


George Moore, a high school junior from Stephens County, is a State Representative on your 2018-2019 State Board of Directors. He joined 4-H in the 5th grade and has been an active 4-H’er ever since. George has competed in District Project Achievement every year in many different project areas but most recently the Plant and Soil Science Project. He has competed in Consumer Judging for the past four years helping lead his team to the state level. George is very active Stephens County 4-H as he takes part in anything, and everything offered. George previously served as the Northeast District Senior Board Vice-President as well as a member of the Northeast District Junior Board. George believes he has learned the importance of goal setting and helping others through Georgia 4-H. He draws inspiration from leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’” George is inspired by this and believes 4-H has kindled his passion for helping others by giving him many opportunities to do this.  Outside of 4-H he enjoys golfing and running cross country for his high school along with participating in many of the clubs offered. George strongly believes 4-H has crafted him into the person he is today through the many opportunities and lifelong friendships. He says, “The plethora of knowledge I have gained through Georgia 4-H will continue to be integral to success on all levels of life.” George is thankful for being given a chance to serve this year and looks forward to helping 4-H’ers across the state.


Jordan Daniels is State Representative from Tift County. He is in the 11th grade at Tift County High School. Jordan has been an active 4-H’er since he gave his first speech on recycling in at a club meeting in the 5th grade. He has served the Southwest District as a Junior Board Member and Senior Board President. He has competed at District Project Achievement since the sixth grade. Jordan also competes in the Cotton Bowl and Consumer Judging Contest; for which he has gone to the State Contest twice. His current project area is Environmental Science, and he has received the Master 4-H Status in Poultry Judging.  Jordan says that “4-H has put me ahead of the game for my future. I have had the opportunity to learn many different things like how to become a better leader, communicate with others, and work hard! I am so humbled to be able to serve Georgia 4-H!”


Tandria Burke is serving as one of this year’s Georgia 4-H State Representatives. She resides in Dougherty County and is currently in the eleventh grade while she is also dual enrolling at Albany Technical College. She started her 4-H career in the 6th grade by attending cloverleaf DPA. Her project area began with the Dog Care and Training category, but eventually drafted into the Arts project and currently to the Companion and Specialty Animals project. She has also had the pleasure of attending State Congress where she placed 3rd in her project area. Tandria has also served on the 2017-2018 Southwest District Board of Directors. She loves to participate in any event or contest that she possibly can. Such include Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging, DPA, State Council, Southern Region Teen Leadership Conference, and Fall Forum. She has also competed in Leadership in Action, where she created a pet therapy day for children living with psychological, social, and physical disabilities. Tandria believes that 4-H is undoubtedly the best club ever. “4-H and the people within are truly the single best things that have happened in my life, and I am so grateful that it has shaped me into who I am today. Thank you, Georgia 4-H, for giving me opportunity after opportunity to improve myself and everything around me. I am beyond ecstatic to be serving this upcoming year to “make the best better.”


Dawson Babischkin is the Northwest District Representative for this year’s Ga 4-H State Board of Directors. Dawson is a Henry County 4-H’er and is in the 11th Grade.  She joined 4-H in the 5th grade, and 4-H has been a huge aspect of her life ever since. On a local level, Dawson has been involved in many activities, such as Cotton Boll Consumer as well as Forestry judging state competition teams. Dawson was also privileged to serve as a board member on the Northwest District’s Junior as well as Senior Board. Competing in District Project achievement since 5th grade has also been a large part of Dawson’s 4-H carrier. As a Senior 4-H’er, she has attended State 4-H Congress in the Performing arts Vocal as well as the Performing Arts: Drama category in which she placed 2nd. Dawson is incredibly thankful for not only the leadership skills she has obtained through GA 4-H but for helping her to discover and explore her passion for performing arts. She is currently in her second year as a vocalist for the GA 4-H Performing Arts group Clovers and Company. “4-H has given me a family where I feel safe to be myself and explore my passions. I’m so honored to represent the GA 4-H program on the state level. I hope to become the best version of myself while giving back to the program that has given so much to me.”


Andie Ellett serves as the Northeast District State Board Representative from Jackson County. Andie is a senior in high school and started 4-H in the 4th grade, through her county’s Love of Llamas Club. From there, her passion for 4-H grew as she became involved in her local County Council, Cotton Bowl and Consumer Judging, the Robotics Club, summer camps, and many district and state level 4-H events. Andie served as a member of the 2014-2015 Northeast Junior Board of Directors and has participated in District Project Achievement since starting her 4-H career. Most recently, she competed at State Congress and was awarded the 3rd place in Performing Arts Drama. After high school, Andie plans to pursue an acting career and would like to build a platform from which she can bring awareness to the many issues she is passionate about, such as environmental awareness and providing necessary support for the U.S. foster and adoption care systems. Andie is honored to be serving on the 2018-2019 4-H State Board of Directors and states, “4-H has done more for me than I could ever put into words. It is a family.  I am truly excited to serve this year.”


Olivia Phillips, a senior from Ben Hill County, is your 2018-2019 Southwest District Representative. Olivia’s 4-H career began when she competed in Cloverleaf Project Achievement as a 5th grader in the Ag Awareness project. Since then, Olivia has become hooked on 4-H. Throughout her years in 4-H, she has been blessed with the opportunity to serve on Southwest District Junior and Senior Boards, hold several county offices, participate on the BB, Shotgun, and 22 Rifle teams, become a certified teen leader and attend several district and state 4-H events. She recently achieved Master 4-H Status in the Target Sports project this past summer. Her favorite 4-H event is summer camp and she aspires to become a camp counselor so that I can encourage kids to stay involved in 4-H. Outside of 4-H, Olivia is on the varsity football cheer team, plays soccer, participates in FCA, FBLA, and Beta Club, serve as Chairman on Fitzgerald’s Community Bank Junior Board of Directors, and actively attend First Baptist Church of Fitzgerald. After she graduates from high school, Olivia hopes to attend the University of Georgia and major in Dietetics to become a registered nutritionist. “ For me, 4-H is more than just a club. It is my home away from home and has taught me how to become the best that I can be. Thank you Georgia 4-H for allowing me the chance to give back to the organization that has shaped me into the person I am today.”


Caleb Moseley, a senior from Bleckley County, is your Southeast District Representative to the State 4-H Board of Directors. Caleb officially started his 4-H journey in the 4th grade.  Since then I have achieved Master 4-H status four times. His masters are in the Egg Preparation Demonstration project, the Turkey Barbecue project, Wildlife at DPA, and most recently, in Leadership in Action with his project Mighty Mouth. Might Mouth is a program that teaches dental hygiene to over 1,400-second-graders in four school districts.  Caleb also likes to take part in Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging, Food Challenge, and Horse Judging.  Caleb is a third-year member of Clovers and Company as a vocalist.  Caleb enjoys attending summer camp every year and is currently competing in the Food Safety and Preservation Project.  Previously, Caleb served as a board member on the Southeast District Junior and Senior Boards. After high school, Caleb plans to enlist in the United States Marine Corps, following my father’s footsteps and becoming a Reconnaissance Marine and then attending Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College to pursue a career as a Greens Keeper.   “I feel that Georgia 4-H has given me the ability to express myself, a place to belong, lifelong friends, and moments which will stay with me forever.  4-H is the reason I am who I am, and I cannot imagine what life would be like without 4-H.  I want to thank all the 4-Hers who allowed and helped me to serve and grow by electing me to this honor.  Thank you to everyone who has ever helped me on the way to where I am today and, truly, I am proud to say that I am Georgia 4-H!”


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