If you have an interest in science, nutritious cuisine, healthy lifestyles, weather, the environment, professionalism, and more, you should consider the Georgia 4-H Ambassador Program. 4-H Ambassadors are selected for a specific Ambassador Track through an application process and participate in a dynamic and intensive training weekend, plan individual activities to increase and share their knowledge, and represent Georgia 4-H as ambassadors in the field.


The Georgia 4-H Ambassador Program has a rich history of success and impact. The inaugural program launched in 2005 and featured more than 30 youth working in their communities to make the best better! Today, selected 4-H Ambassadors are making a one-year commitment to the program, which includes attending the Ambassador Training Summit, engaging in self-directed learning, developing individualized plans for sharing their knowledge, and reporting ambassador activities on a quarterly basis.

Ambassador tracks offered in 2021 are: Healthy Habits, Pollinators, Ready-4-Life, STEM, and Wildlife. 4-H’ers may be selected to serve as ambassadors in one area per year and may be eligible to apply to return as an ambassador in the same issue or in a different issue in following years.

If interested or to find out more information, contact your local county Extension Office or one of the following 4-H staff members:

Kasey Bozeman (Pollinator, STEM, and Wildlife Ambassador Programs)
(706) 542-4444

Courtney Brown (Healthy Habits Ambassador Program)
(706) 542-9237

Jason Estep (Ready-4-Life Ambassador Program)
(706) 542-8919


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Healthy Living Ambassadors

This Georgia 4-H Healthy Living Ambassador track will feature healthy nutrition and physically active lifestyles, along with strategies for team building and working with youth. Making healthy snacks, preparing healthy meals, learning about community gardens, participating in fun exercises and games, and riding the smoothie bike will be some of the activities involved in training.

Healthy Living Ambassador Newsletters

STEM Ambassadors

Georgia 4-H STEM Ambassadors help provide other youths the opportunity to engage in hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) projects in their home counties and surrounding area. Given training and materials, STEM Ambassadors deliver STEM activities, curriculum, and sharing in a variety of settings.

STEM Ambassador Newsletters

Pollinator Ambassadors

Georgia 4-H Pollinator Ambassadors

New for 2020-21!  These Ambassadors would be asked to share about the importance of pollination, pollinating insects, pollinating gardens, and the connection of pollinating to our food supply.

Pollinator Ambassador Newsletters

Ready 4 Life Ambassadors

Georgia 4-H Ready 4 Life Ambassadors

  • New for 2020-21!
  • These Ambassadors would be asked to share the basics of professionalism, resume preparation, making positive first impressions, basic interactions with local government, manners, entrepreneurship, and more.
  • To qualify, you must be passionate about sharing helpful information for acing interviews, prepping resumes, how to act and best practices in an office setting, professional and social etiquette, how local governments operate, where and how to vote, and more with others in your local communities and around the state!