The Georgia 4-H Ambassador Program offers opportunities for students to learn and lead in areas including science, nutritious cuisine, healthy lifestyles, weather, the environment, professionalism, and technology. 4-H Ambassadors are selected for a specific track through an application process and participate in a dynamic and intensive training weekend. These individuals subsequently plan individual activities to increase and share their knowledge, and represent Georgia 4-H as ambassadors in the field.

The Georgia 4-H Ambassador Program has a rich history of success and impact. The inaugural program launched in 2005 and featured more than 30 youth working in their communities to make the best better! Today, selected 4-H Ambassadors are making a one-year commitment to the program, which includes attending the Ambassador Training Summit, engaging in self-directed learning, developing individualized plans for sharing their knowledge, and reporting ambassador activities on a quarterly basis.

4-H’ers may be selected to serve as ambassadors in one area per year and may be eligible to apply to return as an ambassador in the same issue or in a different issue in following years.

Find more details about each track opportunity in the tabs below, or contact Kelle Ashley at

Tech Ambassadors

Tech Ambassadors work within their communities to empower others to increase their digital literacy and grow their digital skills. Tech Ambassadors achieve this goal by building their own knowledge of digital programs and technologies so that they may teach those around them and engage in civic leadership within their community. Preference will be given to those applicants from a current or previous county with the Tech Changemaker Grant; however, this opportunity is open to everyone!

The Tech Ambassadors are led by Katie Bowker, Program Coordinator for 4-H Tech Changemakers . Contact Katie at

Healthy Living Ambassadors

Cultivating healthy habits around food, nutrition, and physical activity is essential for ensuring your own health and the health of your community. Healthy Habits ambassadors will learn and share about food and nutrition, food access and security, preparing budget-friendly meals and snacks, and general health and well-being. 4-H’ers involved in a county program that currently has a Healthy Habits grant with Georgia 4-H or that plans to apply for a Healthy Habits grant in the next program year, if available, are given preference; however, you can STILL apply even if your county does not meet this criterion. Speak with your county 4-H leader/contact to make sure that they are willing to serve as a contact to assist with reporting related to the grant.

The Healthy Living Ambassadors are led by Elyse Daniel, Extension Program Specialist for Georgia 4-H Healthy Living. Contact Elyse at

STEM Ambassadors

Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) literacy “includes the conceptual understandings and procedural skills and abilities for individuals to address STEM-related personal, social, and global issues” (Byhee, 2014). With economic competition truly becoming global and STEM-related careers continuing to grow and expand, there is a need for young people to develop interest and skills in these areas. Georgia 4-H STEM Ambassadors help provide other youths the opportunity to engage in hands-on STEM projects in their home counties and surrounding areas. Given training and materials, STEM Ambassadors deliver activities in a variety of settings.

The STEM Ambassadors are led by Kasey Bozeman, Extension 4-H Specialist for Georgia 4-H Science Programs. Contact Kasey at

Pollinator Ambassadors

Over the last several decades, the decline in pollinator species can be attributed to many causes – pests and pathogens, chemical exposure, loss of species and genetic diversity, changing climate, habitat loss, degradation, and/or fragmentation. Because humans depend on plants and pollinators for food supply and healthy ecosystems, a balance must be maintained to sustain life on earth. According to the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat exists because of animal pollinators. Georgia 4-H Pollinator Ambassadors teach about the importance of pollinators and easy conversation efforts.  The Georgia 4-H Pollinator Ambassador Program is sponsored by the Georgia Cooperative Council.

The Pollinator Ambassadors are led by Kasey Bozeman, Extension 4-H Specialist for Georgia 4-H Science Programs. Contact Kasey at

Wildlife Ambassadors

Georgia is one of the most biologically diverse states in the nation, ranking 2nd in amphibian species, 3rd in freshwater fish species, 7th in reptile species, and 7th in vascular plant species. (And yes, in Georgia, plants are considered wildlife.) Georgia 4-H Wildlife Ambassadors become certified Project WILD Educators, a national environmental education program coordinated by the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies. Their goal is to teach people in their communities about the importance of wildlife conservation throughout our state.

The Wildlife Ambassadors are led by Kasey Bozeman, Extension 4-H Specialist for Georgia 4-H Science Programs. Contact Kasey at

Livestock Ambassadors

Food animal production contributes $5.9 billion to the annual farm gate of Georgia.  That represents over 40% of all agricultural production in the state.  The goal of the Georgia 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program is to provide educational experiences for youth to explore their interest in animal and poultry science. The program focuses on connecting youth with local animal production systems and industries, exploring the richness and diversity of animal production, developing advocacy skills, and increasing their access to career and post-secondary opportunities in animal and poultry sciences.  As a Livestock Ambassador, you’re learning and sharing activities will focus on dispelling common myths about food animal production and being a spokesperson for the industry.

The Livestock Ambassadors are led by Carole Knight and Kate Whiting, Extension 4-H Specialist for Georgia 4-H Animal Science Programs. Contact Carole at and Kate at

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