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Who can use the emblem?

If you are a 4-H member or volunteer, you are permitted to use the 4-H Name & Emblem. It is important that you always list your specific 4-H Club whenever using the emblem. If you are a commercial vendor, private organization or any other entity, you need to contact either the local Cooperative Extension Service office or the State 4-H Office to determine what steps you need to take for your use of the 4-H Name & Emblem.

Do you have to display “18 USC 707”?

Yes. In all private and commercial use of the 4-H Emblem, the statement “18 USC 707” must legibly appear either to the right of the base of the stem or below the lower right leaf of the clover.

Use Requirements Check List

  1. Use the official 4-H emblem in its entirety. Do not place text or images on top of the emblem.
  2. Do not flip or mirror the emblem. The stem must always point to the right.
  3. Do not distort the dimensions of the emblem. Always resize proportionately.
  4. Keep the emblem upright. Use a plain four-leaf clover image for any rotations.
  5. List the specific name of your 4-H organization (Georgia 4-H, Athens-Clarke County 4-H, etc.) whenever you use the emblem.

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