Thank you for your patience and support as Georgia 4-H considered tentative plans to provide a delayed start and shortened camp season.  After much thought and concern for the health and safety of 4-H staff, volunteers, and our 4-H participants, Georgia 4-H has made the difficult decision to cancel camp for the 2020 summer season.   We are already looking forward to 2021, when we can continue “to make the best better.”


Rock Eagle 4-H Center Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Georgia 4-H Summer Camp at Rock Eagle provides an outdoor summer program unparalleled in the nation. Our array of workshops offers a hands-on experience that makes learning fun.  Of course swimming, putt putt, nature trail and night hikes, crafts, and plenty of indoor and outdoor recreation time assures your week at camp will be fun-filled from beginning to end!  This table lists where and when each county will attend Cloverleaf Camp in 2018 and contains active links to your County Extension office to call to sign up!

Camp Video — Want to get a better idea of what 4-H Summer Camp at Rock Eagle is like? View our camp video!

Camp Contacts — Your primary contact for camp is your County Extension Office.



Classes and Workshops


This class will include a brief history of archery, safety rules, instruction for shooting, and target shooting using light-weight compound bows.


Boating and water safety will be emphasized with techniques of entering and exiting canoes, proper use of paddles, care of equipment.  Canoeing on Rock Eagle Lake will be supervised by counselors and adults.  Life jackets must be worn during this class.


The conservation class focuses primarily on water conservation and how we can all play a part in saving this precious resource.  Plenty of hands-on experiential learning will keep the session alive and very educational for all ages.


Campers learn the basics of the “world of insects”. Specifically covers the benefits vs. the irritation caused by insects.  Displays, collection exhibits and hands-on teaching techniques will make for an interesting class session.


4-H’ers will learn the basics of Forest Evaluation, Tree Identification, Tree Measurement and Volume Estimation, plus many other important aspects of forest management.  Campers will see first-hand how forestry management practices can enhance and preserve the forest.


Snakes alive!  All you’d want to know about snakes – venomous, and non-venomous, identification, do’s and don’ts, myths, and benefits.  The 4-H’ers will be given an opportunity to touch and/or handle a live snake or other reptile.


Campers will test their nerve and experience the excitement of a dual zip line, climbing wall and high-flying “swing shot.”  More importantly, they have a chance to work as a team and encourage each other to take on these challenges.

HOP! (Health is Our Pledge)

Healthy living is an important part of the 4-H curriculum.  Campers will understand the relationship between diet and exercise.  They will have a hands-on opportunity to make a fresh fruit smoothie.


This class will help the 4-H’er develop a better understanding of the unique world of life surrounding and within a pond or lake.


Rock Eagle Lake provides a great venue for taking our two-person boats to enjoy sailing.  Water safety is stressed as is care of equipment.  Sailing is supervised by counselors and adults.  Life jackets must be worn during this class.


Every camper who is a non-swimmer will be given the opportunity to learn to swim.  The class includes campers who cannot swim 50 feet. Good swimmers should not sign up for this class.  Swim classes are not a requirement for non-swimmers.  Your non-swimmers may prefer the regular workshops.  Parents, please help make the decision.


This class is a basic introduction to identifying wildlife and learning basic principles about wildlife habitat and survival.  This class will explore the wonderful world of Georgia’s wildlife and how 4-H’ers can protect and preserve Georgia’s natural resources.