The Georgia 4-H Advisory Committee’s purpose is to advise the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Extension, on behalf of the citizens of Georgia, in the planning of 4-H programs which meet the needs of Georgia youth.
Current Advisory Board Members
1 Year Term (2018) 2 Year Term (2019) 3 Year Term (2020)
Brandon Ashley Katie Comer Ashley Melanie Baer*
Jenna Black, Chair Ginny Atkins* Carter Black
Lydia Black Ellie Baldwin* Breanna Coursey*
Amanda Buice Hal Beaver Sharon Dowdy Cruse
Michele Chivore Laura Bland Misty Friedman
Dot Cofer Celeste Cannon* Charles Hall, Chair Elect
Gale Cutler Thomas Carter Matt Hammons*
Sheri Dorn Richard Chewning* Woodie Hughes, Jr.
Priscilla Doster Jeri Gilleland Chris Nowicki
Tracy Elder Suzanne Griffeth
Denny Kuhr Sayge Medlin*
Kaleb McMichen Martha Morris
Meghan Mitchell  Michael Reeves
Deborah Murray Kaycie Rogers
Wendy Palmer Jenna Saxon
Cheryl Poppell Marle Carter Usry*
Sophia Rodriguez*
Stephanie Schupska
Rhonda Smith
Susan Stewart
Anna Strickland
Brittany Teets Sue Chapman (Ex-Officio)
Jerry Whitaker Cindy England (State Staff)
Beth Williams Mandy B. Marable (Liaison)
Tonya Woody Heather K. Shultz (Liaison)
Susan Yearwood Arch Smith (Ex-Officio)
Term expires fall of 2018 Term expires fall of 2019 Term expires fall of 2020
*indicates new appointee


Please refer to the Georgia 4-H Calendar for meeting dates and any 4-H events you would like to attend.