Environmental Education Day Program Planning and Information for Lead Teachers


Listed below are tabs with important items to help the lead teacher prepare for their DAY PROGRAM at the Burton 4-H Center.

Day Program Classes, Information & Forms

Day Program Offerings:

  • Squid Dissection – “Teuthology” (1 hour)
  • Sea Turtles – “Cheloniology” (1 hour)
  • Reptiles – “Herpetology” (1 hour)
  • Snakes – “Ophiology” (1 hour)
  • Marine Invertebrates (1 hour & 2 hour options)
  • Beach Ecology (2 hours)
  • Salt Marsh Ecology (2 hours)
  • Birds – “Ornithology” (2 hour)
  • Shark Dissection – “Ichthyology” (2 hours)
  • Seine Nets – “Surf Sleuth” (2 hours)

Day Program Information & Forms

Please find below helpful trip planning documents, forms, and links to make your day program a success with the Burton 4-H Center!:

What to wear & pack:

Dominion Foundation Support Funds - Chatham, Effingham, Twiggs & Washington Counties

Please click to view and share the  Dominion Funds Flyer for Burton 4-H EE Programs.

All applications must be submitted online here (LINK):  Burton 4-H Center Funding Support Application

The Dominion Foundation has made funds available to support schools from Chatham, Effingham, Twiggs, and Washington counties attending 4-H Environmental Education programs at the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island. Support is available on a first-come, first-served basis for schools attending during the school year. Georgia 4-H Environmental Education programs offered at Burton 4-H Center are an excellent complement to classroom instruction for all grade levels. All programs are correlated to Georgia Standards of Excellence and help put learning in the context of real-world environments. Both day and residential programs (including lodging and food service) are available.

Support will be awarded for the 2022-2023 school year only and is based on first-come, first-served basis for eligible applicants in the four counties (Chatham, Effingham, Twiggs, Washington) until all of the available funds have been used. The expected range of awards is $500-$1,000 per school. The goal is to impact as many students as possible, and to allow opportunities for economically disadvantaged students to attend. Schools awarded support will have the money applied directly to the total amount due the Burton 4-H Center resulting in a smaller amount due from the school. Reservations must be confirmed with Burton 4-H Center to ensure availability.  There are still funds available.

Transportation for school groups

Burton 4-H Center can provide pick-up and drop-off transportation for day programs for Savannah-Chatham County Schools. Burton 4-H transportation allows schools to maximize their day program schedule and not conflict with school bus routes.

Transportation is an additional price per person (both students and teachers).

Schools in Effingham or Bryan counties interested in Burton 4-H transportation, please enquire with Erine-Fay McNaught at erinefay.mcnaught@uga.edu.

Georgia Standards of Excellence Correlations

Burton 4-H Classes correlate with Georgia Standards of Excellence. Please view which classes best fit for your grades standards below.


Erine-Fay McNaught, EE Program Coordinator
Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island
Phone: (912) 786-5534  Fax: (912) 786-9814
E-mail: erinefay.mcnaught@uga.edu