Save the Date: December 11-12, 2021

Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Fall Forum is a recreational and educational opportunity planned for Seniors 4-H’ers (9th-12th grades).  The weekend includes a mix of workshops and education sessions, along with opportunities for community service and exhibits, all planned by and led by 4-H’ers.  Recreational programs for 4-H’ers are included to allow 4-H’ers to interact with youth from all over Georgia.  In addition, training and educational opportunities are also offered for 4-H volunteers during the weekend.


2020 Virtual Fall Forum Sharing Opportunities:


El-Gayyar, Kareem

Coweta County

“Robotics:  First Tech Challenge Style”

Learn about robotics including gears, programming, and an overview of the First Tech Challenge, and this season’s challenge, Ultimate Goal.  You will learn about the process of building the robot, the elements of the current season challenge, and see our team robot in action.  Also added in some bad humor.


Gross, Kennedy

Columbia County

Blubber Gloves

I created a demonstration called “Blubber Gloves”. The main idea is to show how insulated organisms are. In order to complete this workshop, you need Ziploc bags, ice, a bucket, insulators ( any natural supplies work such as cotton balls, shortening, cotton), gloves, and a timer.  You begin by putting the ice into the bucket. Then you will put gloves on both hands and put different materials into Ziploc bags (one bag can have nothing). You then place your hands into the filled Ziploc bags and place them into the bucket of ice. You then time to see how long you can keep your hands in or keep them in for a set amount of time and compared how your hands feel.  Certain insulators will keep the cold out better than others. This demonstrates how organisms have blubber to protect them from the cold.


Kilgo, Jaylee

Bartow County

“Digital Footprints ”

This power-point is about digital footprints and the impact that it can have on your life. You will learn what is a digital footprint, how we get digital footprints, how to manage digital footprints and the overall impact on your life. Digital footprints can also affect your mental health because having a negative digital footprint can affect your life in a terrible way. This is why it is so important to learn about your digital footprint because it can affect more than your chances of getting your dream job it can affect your health. I hope you enjoy this presentation on digital footprints because in today’s world of technology it is important that you are educated in the field of digital footprints.


McKinley, Nicholas

Paulding County

“Words Matter Challenge”

This workshop will explore the science of how we develop socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually based on our perceptions of ourselves.  How is who we are shaped by the labels given to us.  4-Hers that participate in this class will experience the different ways that the words people choose to use can affect them.  It will also remind each of us to treat people that are different with respect and to be kind when choosing words.  This workshop specifically focuses on those with limb differences.


McKinley, Juliette

Paulding County

“Warm Up for Success”

A warm-up is an act of preparing for an athletic event or workout. By exercising or practicing for a short time beforehand.  You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to prepare for that big game or to run your next race. This workshop will show you a few fun exercises that you can do anywhere.  Take a minute and watch  4-Hers and athletes have fun with a few warm-up exercises and then clear a little and give them a try.  A few stretches will not only help you feel relaxed but it helps prevent sports-related injuries

Posters and Exhibits

Bakhsh, Kyle

Cobb County

“Baseball Safety”

My project is Safety.  My presentation shares the gear, field, health, and safety practices needed and used to play baseball.  My poster depicts the gear used in baseball and reason for wearing it during play and practice.


Balzer, Olivia

Lowndes County

“Be there friend, don’t feed them bread.”

Be their friend don’t feed them bread! A lot of people think that feeding ducks bread is a nice treat for them; however, by feeding them bread, you can actually harm them! A diet with bread can result in many health issues for ducks. Feed them other things instead!


Bamberg, Aliah

Tattnall County

“Elderly Pets and Who They Are”

Puppies are cute and cuddly and make wonderful pets. But, eventually, those cute puppies or kittens become elderly pets. Elderly pets can require special care and take up a little bit extra of your time. However, providing a loving home for your elderly pet can be very rewarding. That is why I am sharing my poster about elderly pets.


Barnes, Jhaycee

Spalding County

“Preparing for College in High School”

While in high school, college may feel like it is very far away. However, college will be here before you know it! Many college students will tell you that preparing for college is stressful, and it definitely can be. That is why it is important to start planning as soon as you can! In high school, there are many ways that you can prepare for college like researching schools, taking standardized tests early, and improving your note-taking and organization skills. By starting your preparation for college early, you will save yourself from some of the stress of applying and entering college!


Birko, Jocelyn

Gilmer County

“Natural Mood Boosters”

This poster displays ways to avoid the winter blues. Since the days are now colder and shorter, it can be hard to keep your spirits up. Getting stuck inside due to snow or even illness does not make it any easier. Natural ways to boost your mood are simple and efficient. You will learn techniques and practices to fight off those pesky winter blues. We all need a mood boost every once in a while.


Blair, Lauren

Taylor County

“Healthy Facts About Eggs ”

This poster explores how abundant chicken and duck eggs are in nutrients, along with contrasting their size and nutritional information. Viewers will learn knowledge about some of the most popular eggs that we eat on a regular weekly, monthly, and annual basis from restaurants and homes.


Borders, Katelynn

Polk County

“Upward Bound”

The Upward Bound Program is a program that allows students of First-Generation College students. They help students with high school Academic grades, as well as college tours, and picking colleges. They have been a huge impact on my dreams, because they help to make sure I stay on the right track as well as help make sure I pick the college that is right for me. Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance. The program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their Higher Education pursuits. Upward Bound serves High School students from low-income families; High School students from families in which neither parent holds a Bachelor’s degree; and low-income, first-generation military veterans who are preparing to enter Postsecondary Education. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the rate at which participants complete Secondary Education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of Postsecondary Education. It provides academic instruction in mathematics, laboratory sciences, composition, literature, and foreign languages, tutoring, counseling, mentoring, cultural enrichment, and work-study programs. Opportunities include Kennesaw State University Programs-SAT Prep, Advising, STEM College and Career Fair, Financial Aid Workshop, Academy Workshop Summer academy at KSU Campus, Four-day summer trip to Washington DC, SAT prep and testing & Accuplacer prep and testing, Academic tutoring& advising advisers & Scholarship work.


Cannida, Denzel

Toombs County

“Software for Game Designers”

There are so many tools! The internet is host to all kinds of excellent software to help game designers of all calibers make their very own games. There are software options that are very easy to use. There are a bunch of options that are so simple, you don’t even need programming skills or coding knowledge to use them. Good Morning, I am Denzel Cannida, a senior 4-H’er from Toombs County. Today, I will be talking to you about some essential software for game designers. Then there are some serious tools that will require some moderate (and more) experience with coding. The point is, there are plenty of options available to you, regardless of the kinds of games you want to make, and your current skill and experience levels. Let’s take a look at some good options!


Croker, Joseph

Polk County

“Military Textiles”

Military fabrics are made to withstand the rigors of military life. That means these fabrics can offer Temperature Control, Mildew Resistance, UV Ray Resistance, Flame Resistance, High Tear Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Waterproof, Impact resistance and Camouflage. Most of all, these textiles are dependable. That means these fabrics allow soldiers to do their work without worrying. For example, it’s important that things like tents and other military fabric structures stay tight on the frame, won’t tear easily, and are waterproof; that’s why performance fabrics/specialty fabrics are so important in the creation of military fabric products. If a soldier has to worry about his tent, his mind is not on the mission at hand The military is also turning to nanotechnology in an effort to make their armed forces more mobile and better protected from enemy assaults. Through nanotechnology, new personnel camouflage systems can be developed that can change patterns and colors as the environment changes. “Chameleonic” camouflage allows the soldier to become a mirror of his surroundings. Development efforts are also underway to make next-to-skin garments from electronic textiles which can determine a soldier’s physiological status including heartbeat, blood pressure, respiration, and body temperature. Soldiers stationed around the world wear and use specialty military fabrics every day.


David, Sammy

Clarke County

“The Process of Animation”

This poster details the process of 2D Animation from start to finish. It describes the technology used and the different processes and how it all comes together to create an animated film. In the beginning, it talks about how animators create and share ideas with research trips and concept art, then it talks about the 5 steps you need to take before you start the actual process of animating the film and drawing out each frame. Finally, it talks about Ink and Paint, the final process in creating an animated film that is often forgotten. Ink and Paint are where the simple drawings done by the animators receive their color, lighting, and backgrounds, and where it is photographed in order to be added to the film.


Davis, Riley

Pickens County

“Camping with Bears”

In this exhibit, you will learn where you should place your camp in the woods for a clear and usable campsite. You will also learn where to store your food items so bears do not get into your food. I will also explain what you need to do to be safe in the woods.


Day, Evelyn

Houston County

“4-H And You”

There are so many opportunities in 4-H.  Opportunities to grow, to learn, to share, and to have fun.  My Mini-booth is based on the many opportunities we have to grow and share, and how they can positively impact your future.


Dooley, Amber

Jasper County

“Fashion: Harajuku Edition ”

While viewing my exhibit, participants will learn about a somewhat niche yet distinguishable part of Japanese culture; Japanese/Harajuku street fashion. Viewers of my exhibit will learn about the different types of fashion that you can find in Harajuku, where the fashions originated from, and how one could enter the fashion themselves if they want to.


Griffeth, Wilson

Clarke County

“Best Recovery Drinks”

A poster exhibiting the pros and cons of the top recovery drinks. It features water, designer waters, and sports waters, sports drinks, and chocolate milk. It talks about sugar, hydration, and the length of the workout. It should inform people about what they are putting in their bodies and why they should think more about it.


Gross, Kennedy

Columbia County

“Manatees of Georgia”

My poster called “Manatees of Georgia” provides the basic information anyone may need to know about manatees. It starts off by describing their lifestyle, such as where they are located and what type of waters they prefer. The poster then transitions into describing the predators of manatees, which would be us, humans. Manatees are slow and large, which is no competition for a speeding boat. This is the main cause of manatee deaths, boat collisions. The poster then concludes by stating that manatees are endangered and protected. My poster brings awareness to these beautiful animals and will hopefully impact others to help conserve them.


Haney, Anna

Polk County

“Food Safety”

It is easy for foods to get lost in the vast expanses of your refrigerator. To keep perishable food safe and out of the danger zone, you must wrap and store it properly for the appropriate amount of time. From meats to cheeses and leftovers, use these tips to ensure you are storing foods safely in the refrigerator. • Keep your refrigerator below 40°F. At this temperature, bacteria that spoil food grow slowly. Buy a refrigerator thermometer and keep it in your fridge. Also, make your refrigerator raids quick so the door doesn’t stay open for too long. • Store all foods wrapped or in covered containers. Leave food in its store wrapping unless the package is torn. If you have to re-wrap, seal storage containers well to prevent moisture loss and absorption of odors. • Store foods quickly. Don’t keep perishable foods at room temperature for longer than two hours. • Avoid overloading your refrigerator because cold air needs room to circulate. • Once a week, clean out the refrigerator. Discard any questionable foods rather than risk food poisoning. • If food is moldy, discard it in a bag or wrapper so mold spores don’t spread. Clean the moldy food container and the refrigerator or pantry to remove mold spores. Check items that the moldy food may have touched because mold spreads fast on fruits and vegetables.


Harriss, Laura

Cobb County

“The Chemistry Behind Hand Washing”

We know that handwashing is important, but most people do not know why hand washing really works. This poster explains the science behind why handwashing works and why you must use soap and water. It also explains how using both soap and water while washing your hands can break down viruses.


Hayes, Rachel

Decatur County


Soremouth is a very common skin disease in show sheep. It is also called contagious ecthyma or orf. It is a highly contagious viral infection that can also produce painful human infections. The virus causes lesions to form on the skin, usually around the mouth, nostrils, eyes, and mammary glands. Scab tissues are extremely painful and may prevent sick animals from eating. Outbreaks of soremouth occur more frequently during times of extreme temperatures like the late summer or cold winter day. The disease usually runs its course in 1 to 4 weeks and often a single application of a 3% iodine solution will help cure the sores.  This poster shows images of lesions caused by the presence of soremouth.


Hicks, Lauren

Jasper County

“Bees, Bees, Bees!”

My digital poster teaches the viewers about bees and their importance and ways they can help save them. The bee numbers are declining every year within the last 50 years. It is up to us to bring those numbers back up and I want to educate people on a couple of simple ways they can help do that!


Holt, Grace

Toombs County


This exhibit will discuss being bullied. We will discuss the effects of the victims, which are very common. I would also like to talk to you about the causes of bullying because these are some things you do not know about. We will also talk about how dangerous bullying is to people.


Hutchins, Bailey

Toombs County

“Cardiovascular Disease”

The term “heart disease” is often used interchangeably with the term “cardiovascular disease.” Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain, or stroke. Other heart conditions, such as those that affect your heart’s muscle, valves, or rhythm, also are considered forms of heart disease. Today, I would like to share with you about heart disease. Many forms of heart disease can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle choices. Let‚Äôs explore more about cardiovascular disease as we discuss the heart, different types of heart disease and their symptoms, atherosclerosis, and some risk factors for someone who is developing heart disease.


Johnson, Ryan

Pickens County

“Think Before You Drink”

In this exhibit, I will explain to you why you should drink plenty of water every day. I will tell you what drinking water does for you and your body. I will also give you examples of the sugar contents of drinks you may choose to drink and why water is the better choice.


Kramer, Jodi

Toombs County

“Blue Grass Music”

Out of all the genres of music, there is one that stands apart from the rest. This particular style of music not only utilizes the sound of several different instruments, but it also brings in a beautiful sound. From the mountains of its origin to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, this style of music beams across the country. Hi, my name is Jodi Kramer, a Toombs county, senior 4her, and today I will be discussing this unique, and my personal favorite, Bluegrass music. Bluegrass music originates from a combination of Scottish, Irish, and English styles of traditional music. These styles of music came together as many moved into America during the 1600s. Many early Bluegrass songs that were written around this time were based on stories from the mountains in which this style of music was given its name, “mountain music”. The name “mountain music” transitioned into being known as “Bluegrass music” during the early 1900s.


Lively, Gracie

Tattnall County

“Jazz Dance”

I love to dance! Dance has been a part of my life for many years, and Jazz is one of my favorite dance styles. This poster tells you a little bit about Jazz Dancing, which is also a way to stay active and remain in good health.


McBride, Samuel

Emanuel County

“Georgia State Parks”

This poster are the possibilities that people can do in their free time socially distanced. This subject elaborates the opportunities that people can do that don’t require a large group. Not dimensioned the outdoors and freshness that people will beneficial to them also. I hope that people enjoy this and hope they learn lot and can’t wait to get back together so I could talk to you in person.


McBride, Grace

Emanuel County

“Pollination Station”

As a pollinator ambassador, I strive to inform others about insects we call pollinators. This presentation identifies what a pollinator is. It also breaks down the three simple stems of how pollination takes place!


McGillis, Elton

Tattnall County

“Shining a Light on Electricity”

This poster shares information about the history and function of electricity. I created this poster to help educate people about what electricity is, the types of electricity, and the history of electricity.


McKinley, Nicholas

Paulding County

“real world bionics – The right prosthetic to make a person feel good about themselves. ”

Bionics used to be science fiction but now it is a part of everyday life for millions of Americans. From telling the story of a Medieval Knight whose prosthetic hand made him a successful warrior in the battle to a young boy whose prosthetic hand turned him into a superhero. Hugh Herr is not only the “father of bionics” but also a real-life bionic man. There are 2.1 million PEOPLE living with limb loss in the USA, and that number is expected to double by 2050. Around 30% of PEOPLE with limb loss experience depression and/or anxiety. And who can forget the story of Winter the Dolphin and Kevin Carroll the Irish Prosthetist that man her a bionic tail. I have had a chance to meet and become friends with Mr. Carrol and thankful that he shared with me the importance of always using science to help people.


McKinley, Juliette

Paulding County

“Yes, It is a Sport”

Growing up I was often told that equestrians weren’t athletes, after all the horse did all of the work.  But the fact is equestrian related sports contribute to a 300 BILLION dollar industry.  It is the only sport that men and women compete against each other and one for both the young and old. This exhibit highlights a variety of disciplines that equestrians can compete in.


Miller, Nick

Tattnall County

“Disadvantages and Advantages of a Smartphone”

It provides a list of advantages and disadvantages of a phone. There are many advantages and disadvantages to a smartphone sone which includes world wide communication and large amounts of bacteria on your phone.


Miller, Janey

Lowndes County

“She Believed She Could, So She Did!”

She Believed She Could, So She Did! An exhibit on negative thoughts and positive actions and talk to combat them. Negative thoughts can drain your mental health and energy while thinking positively can help you build up mental strength!


Miller, Megan

Tattnall County

“All about Dolly Parton ”

My mini booth is about Dolly Parton and things that .most people know and things most people don’t know. It also has some cool facts about Doll Parton. Including that she lost at a Dolly Parton look-alike contest.


Minhas, Muskan

Coffee County

“Diabetes – “How Does it Make Us Different?”

A black two-panel mini-booth that has a chain linking to how diabetes links together.  Describing the three diabetes type – type one, type two, and type three.  It also describes how people with diabetes are different from people without.  On the bottom panel is the visual model of a human’s brain, organs, and the different types of medication a diabetic can be prescribed.


Moulton, Angela

Henry County

“Healthy Living Road to success ”

This virtual workshop PowerPoint presentation is a road to healthy living exhibits! On this road trip we take a look at the physical activity and healthy eating parts of a new healthy living journey. This will be guidance on the basis for getting a good start. The first leg of the trip will discuss the creation of nutritionally balanced meals based on a five-part section MyPlate. Then continuing to the second leg of the trip we’ll then talk through the different kinds of exercise routines that can be incorporated into each individual’s age groups. So get in, and let’s venture down this road together!


Neal, Thomas

Decatur County

“Bass Fishing Bait”

There are many types of bait useful for catching bass, but there are 4 main types used in southwest Georgia: Plastic Worms, Jigs, Spinner Baits and Buzz Baits. This poster shows different bass fishing bait examples.


Paredes, Sherlyn

Pickens County

“Fruits and Vegetables are out of this World”

This exhibit explains the reason fruits and vegetables are needed. It lists foods that are included in each group. It gives you an idea of how much is needed daily. It displays how this fits into MyPlate.


Patel, Riya

Toombs County

“Teens in the Driver Seat”

Imagine the smoke, the skid marks, the glass strung on the highway, the metal from the car twisted and torn, screams of the victims, maybe a little bit of blood. This presentation shares about teen driving safety. As look at texting and driving, seatbelt safety, and reckless driving.


Pethel, Emily

Hall County

“The Physics Behind Sprinting”

This exhibit is an infographic on the science behind what makes certain athletes the fastest in the world. It details how the components of force, time, and strength come together to create the perfect sprinting conditions. Additionally, an analogy is shown for a better understanding of how body posture affects sprinting as well. This is designed to demonstrate that sports can be interesting on more than just the physical level, and specifically in a scientific way.


Poppell, James

Toombs County

“Animal Assisted Therapy”

The exhibit discusses the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy through Companion Animals. Participants will learn about the types of benefits: physical and mental health as well as more about AAT. Specifically, AAT is proven to improve well-being, focuses on the Human-Animal Bond Benefits both the physical and mental health, and can occur in many places.


Prince, Anna

Polk County


As seen from Earth, a solar eclipse happens when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun. This makes the Moon fully or partially (partly) cover the sun. Solar eclipses can only happen during a new moon. … Sometimes there are even five solar eclipses in a year. Sometimes when the moon orbits Earth, it moves between the sun and Earth. When this happens, the moon blocks the light of the sun from reaching Earth. This causes an eclipse of the sun, or solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth. On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America was treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality could see one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. It was the first time in nearly 100 years such an eclipse had stretched from coast to coast, with a sliver of the peak viewing area stretching through a patch of Georgia just north of metro Atlanta. But if you were looking for the ultimate eclipse experience, a quick drive north would have been in order Georgia’s best eclipse spot was Rabun County — about a two-hour drive from downtown Atlanta.


Rajesh, Sandhya

Cobb County

“Time Management Tricks”

This is a colorful and engaging format of how YOU can improve our time management! There are multiple suggestions and ways you can manage our own time wisely and make the most of what you got. From writhing lists to keeping track, these tools are very beneficial and it will surely benefit you to take a look and learn something amazing!


Sadarangani, Ishika

Coffee County

“Eat Healthy Stay Fit”

The mini booth I have turned in for this area revolves around healthy living. The title of the mini booth is pretty self-explanatory, “Eat Healthy, Stay Fit”. The information in the mini booth goes over the five food groups, as well as how exercising is all needed and beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. It explains the portions of how much food should be on your plate from every food group, as well as examples of every food group, and other facts for each group. IT also goes over the amount of time both adults and children should be physically active and examples of exercises a lot of people can do. In the center of the mini booth there is also a plate with an example of a healthy meal.


Sims, Conner

Richmond County

“4-H Atomic Model Timeline”

This atomic model timeline helps to tell a story of the creation and advancements in science as pertaining to the atom. It depicts the development of the scientific model and of the atom itself. I chose 12 influential scientists and philosophers to research and display creating a timeline showing how the atomic model expanded and changed over time. The timeline covers popular models including the solid sphere model, electron cloud model, planetary model, and plum pudding model. Through the timeline of popular figures from history, scientific roles will be explained.


Smart, Omarion

Decatur County

“Good Mental Health is Astronomical”

Poster showing the importance of having good mental health and ways to avoid bad mental health. People struggle every day with mental health problems and most times they feel that no one is there to help them.


Smith, Minnes

Polk County

“Dairy Foods for Fitness”

You’re on the move…walking, bike riding, and jogging your way to fitness. You’re exercising in the gym, at parks or at home with your favorite video instructor. You know that a good fitness program also includes a balanced diet. Dairy foods are an essential component of a balanced diet, providing many of the nutrients needed for health and fitness. Foods for the dairy group offer nutrients that are essential to health and maintenance of the body, especially calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein. Dairy products are the preeminent source of calcium in most Americans’ diets. Calcium is helpful for building teeth and bones and in maintaining bone mass. Potassium helps to sustain a healthy blood pressure. Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining the right levels of phosphorus and calcium, to build better bone mass and density. There is a number of health benefits associated with the consumption of milk, particularly when it comes to a person’s bone health. A diet rich in milk products can reduce the risk of low bone mass throughout the life cycle. You can improve your bone mass if your diet provides you with the recommended 3 cups or the equivalent of milk products per day.


Tellano, Ben

Hart County

“Virtual Learning Safety”

This exhibit teaches teens how to stay safe while taking virtual classes. The exhibit also gives tips about video conferencing and using chat rooms. Safety tips are given about how to protect your network as well.


Tyre, Jesse

Bacon County

“What’s the Deal with Etiquette?”

It is a bifold poster exhibit discussing the importance and how-to’s of etiquette regarding both interviews and conversation. Interview etiquette points cover the three p’s which are prepare, practice, and present. Points made for conversation etiquette include giving everyone a chance to speak, keeping the conversation relevant, and being sure to be an active listener when others are speaking.


Watson, Colin

Oconee County

“Learn to Live with Bears”

The exhibit provides information about learning to live with bears including bear facts, things to do, and issues with bears and garbage.


Watson, Conner

Oconee County

“Heading for Trouble”

Exhibit discusses what is a concussion, signs and symptoms of a concussion, and concussion in sports/soccer.


Welton, Jasmine

Hall County


Talks about the colleges and careers you can get with the cybersecurity degree. It has colleges like the University of Georgia, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, Augusta University, and Columbus State University. The career so you can accomplish with this degree is sorry for security engineer, cybersecurity consultant, cybersecurity manager/administrator, vulnerability Analysis, Systems engineer and network engineer. Jobs can range from 99,000 to 112,000


Williams, Jack

Emanuel County

“Home of the Georgia Pine”

This exhibit will introduce participants to the pine trees of Georgia and its forestry industry. Participants will be able to tell about the 5 types found in our area, discuss the economic impact the pine forests have on Georgia, and name just a few of the things we get from pines.

Community Service Projects

Day, Evelyn

Houston County

“Preparing our Pets for Disaster”

It is estimated that since Hurricane Katrina, more than 1 million pets have been displaced or killed during the many hurricanes that ravaged the Southeastern U.S., causing a Veterinary Crisis. A 2018 survey conducted by Banfield Pet Foundation revealed that 91 percent of pet owners aren’t prepared for the next disaster. Because of my firsthand experiences during Hurricanes Irma and Michael, I saw a dire need to equip families and rescue centers to safely evacuate pets from these emergency situations. I developed ways to educate pet owners, share pet-friendly evacuation sites, as well as, provide Pet P.A.C.K.s (prepared animal crisis kits).  Part of the work of our Pet P.A.C.K.s is creating soft toys for the pets being cared for at rescue facilities.  And YOU can help!  The instructions are easy and once you are done you can donate them to an area pet rescue facility.


Goldman. Alyssa

Madison County

“Elise Sparks, Madison County 4-H’er is helping with this! We CARE Packages – Welcome Encouragement: Crafts, Arrangements, Ready To Use Kits,  Experiments”

Make Flower Arrangements and  Crafts Assembled Kits to Donate to Mothers and Children’s Organizations and for the Homeless with easy instructions of how to make it.   Children often need additional projects to do at the Homeless Shelters and Mother and Children’s Organizations.  These kits will not only offer them the opportunity to take part in fun activities but will also encourage them to bring cheer to others and utilize their artistic abilities. We think the students would enjoy taking part in these projects and those that receive the gifts would certainly appreciate the extra cheer.


McKinley. Nicholas

Paulding County

“Lego Alphabet Kits ”

Instruction Video

Instructions for this project can be found on McKinley’s 4-H STEAM Project Club Facebook Page and on Nicholas’ STEM ROCKS You-Tube Channel.  All you need Legos you are no longer using and a creative mind.  Templates are available on McKinley’s 4-H STEAM Project Club Facebook Page or you can e-mail


McKinley. Juliette

Paulding County

“Zentangle Christmas Ornaments ”

Instructional Video

This Service Project teaches you how to use Zentangle art to reduce stress while creating fun art.  To make Ornaments you need some colorful cardstock paper, a pen, a hole punch, and ribbon.   Trace and cut out a circle on the paper, then draw Zentangled designs.  If you have a laminator, laminate, punch a hole, and string with ribbon.  Share your ornament with seniors. Zentangled classes can be found on the McKinley’s 4-H STEAM Project Club Facebook Page under videos or at


Rajesh. Sandhya

Cobb County

“Random Acts of Kindness!”

With this project you will be doing service to your community in a variety of ways, There are endless options to make your surrounding neighbors or community happier and feel good, so remember to keep the kindness going and encourage them to pass it on to. You can make a huge difference and it makes everyone so much more excited!


Sims. Tyler

Richmond County

“Cards for the Veterans”

Wouldn’t you like to bring a smile to the face of a Georgia War Veteran? This is a super-easy way to brighten their day. We have been handmaking cards for Veterans for several years now that have been delivered to the Georgia War Veteran Nursing Home in Augusta, Georgia. Last year, we took it a step farther and went to meet them in person and hand-deliver our cards along with candy. Take my word for it, this was a very fulfilling event for both the residents along with all of us 4-Hers. With covid precautions in place we are no longer able to visit in person and an influx of cards and letters to our beloved veterans is just what they need this holiday season. Just remember that any handmade card that you make for the veterans can be done for any holiday that you chose


Tellano. Ben

Hart County

“Cards for Veterans”

Veterans love to get cards from youth. Cards brighten up their day and let them know that 4-H’ers remember them and the service they give for us to live in freedom. My service project consists of 4-H’ers making cards with heartfelt messages to veterans.


Williams. Jack

Emanuel County

“Camo for Kids”

Camo for Kids is a Leadership in Action project started by 10th Grade Emanuel County 4-H’er, Jack Williams. Its mission is to collect camouflage clothing (especially youth-sized jackets, bibs, coveralls, and boots) for kids that participate in outdoor recreational experiences with organizations like Hunting for the Cure and 30-30 Ministries. These items can be used but must be in good condition. The camouflage items will be provided to the youth that goes on these trips at no cost to them.


Please contact your local Extension Office for more information.