4-Hers in various age groups have the opportunity to learn about specific topics and issues in agriculture and family and consumer sciences. Through research, training sessions, working with a group, and hand on experiences, participants work with a team to evaluate various aspects of their topics. Public speaking, decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are just some of the valuable life skills that students gain from involvement in judging teams.

Various Judging Events are used to develop 4-H club members. Participating in judging events help 4-H’ers learn to make and defend decisions, work with a group, and to speak in public. These events provide an excellent opportunity for 4-H’ers to learn about a variety of topics while learning valuable life skills. Objectives

  • To develop youth and help them learn the techniques of logical, accurate decision making, to learn to recognize the reasons for their decisions, and to develop the ability to express their reasons orally.
  • To help youth learn and understand standards used in various topic areas and how to to apply these standards in a realistic decision-making situations
  • To serve as an award activity and trip for youth who have achieved superior levels of performance in competition and thus stimulate the learning process, interest and enthusiasm.


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