Each year, Georgia 4-H holds elections for Junior (7th and 8th Grade) and Senior (9th to 12th Grade) District Boards. Students develop a campaign strategy, run for office during their District Project Achievement event and if elected, have the opportunity to represent their district at conferences, meeting and events.  These outstanding young leaders gain valuable experience with decision making, critical thinking, consensus building and working as a team.

NE Jr & SR Boards

Northeast Georgia 4-H Senior District Officers

Susan Bishop     President      Morgan County
Tiger Rupers      Vice-President      Madison County
Tsunami LaRonde      Board Member     Columbia County
Carter Sellers      Board Member      Columbia County
Adam Walters      Board Member      Hart County
Aliya Martin      Board Member      Jones County
Garrett Cribbs      Board Member      Morgan County
Sarah Isaac     Board Member      Stephens County



Northeast Georgia 4-H Junior District Officers

Braylen Howell      President      Baldwin County
Callie Armour      Vice-President      White County
Ella Madison Childree      Board Member      Baldwin County
Adelyn Walls      Board Member      Jasper County
Robie Lucas      Board Member      Oconee County
Jack Durham Marable      Board Member     Oconee County
Andi Grace Moore      Board Member      Oglethorpe County
Kate Spearing      Board Member      Oglethorpe County


NW Jr & SR Boards

Northwest Georgia 4-H Senior District Officers

Jaden Childree      President      Crawford County
Dusty Haney      Vice-President      Forsyth County
Abigail Beaulieu      Board Member      Fayette County
Brandon Bagley      Board Member      Gordon County
Jordon Griffin      Board Member      Douglas County
C. J. Harris      Board Member      Newton County
Chandler Stevenson      Board Member      Cherokee County
Hope Stewart      Board Member      Spalding County



Northwest Georgia 4-H Junior District Officers

Aaron Flood     President      Murray County
Libby Lathem      Vice-President      Chattooga County
Emma Grace Blair      Board Member      Chattooga County
Lindsey Hoffman      Board Member      Cobb County
Briana Lathem      Board Member      Chattooga County
Jade Lewis      Board Member      Haralson County
Bailey Thomas       Board Member       Chattooga County
Emma Rae Ward       Board Member        Chattooga County


SE Jr & SR Boards

Southeast Georgia 4-H Senior District Officers

Arham Shah      President      Emanuel County
Blake McBride      Vice-President      Emanuel County
Garry Fulcher      Board Member      Burke County
Jacob Myers      Board Member      Evans County
Jonathan Adams      Board Member      Liberty County
Kimberly Rios      Board Member      Emanuel County
Sarah Beth Kersey      Board Member      Emanuel County
Ty Poole      Board Member      Washington County



Southeast Georgia 4-H Junior District Officers

Kaylee Rae Bradford      President      Wayne County
Mary Grace Winfrey      Vice-President      Johnson County
Bobby Ray Staudt      Board Member      Long County
Carly Ann Williams      Board Member      Wayne County
Elijah Waters      Board Member      Evans County
Jack Trapnell      Board Member      Wayne County
Jamie Ellis      Board Member      Tattnall County
Makahyla Meade      Board Member      Candler County
Mia Carver     Board Member      Bacon County
Samuel McBride      Board Member      Emanuel County



SW Jr & SR Boards

Southwest Georgia 4-H Senior District Officers

Taylor Wells      President      Clinch County
Deontavious Kitchens      Vice-President      Stewart County
Ricky Coachman      Board Member      Seminole County
Sara Hancock      Board Member      Irwin County
Douglas Hopkins      Board Member      Thomas County
Caroline Lord      Board Member      Ben Hill County
Carlissa Stewart      Board Member      Ben Hill County
Olivia Walker      Board Member      Cook County



Southwest Georgia 4-H Junior District Officers

Timothy Lord      President      Ben Hill County
Trenton Floyd      Vice-President      Sumter County
Lauren Brey      Board Member      Tift County
Skylar Dato      Board Member      Lee County
Maddie Dean      Board Member      Crisp County
Jarrett Hancock      Board Member      Irwin County
Samantha Tennison      Board Member      Lee County
Carter Thompson      Board Member      Colquitt County