Adventure & Team Building Programs

Rock Eagle’s adventure program is one of our fundamental programs. Since 1979, Rock Eagle has lead countless groups of all ages through a series of team- building challenges . With safety being the primary concern, Rock Eagle Adventure challenges the group through challenging the individual. Our experiential learning cycle based programming consists of experience, reflection, and a focus on the real life application of what is learned.

Our staff has experience with groups of all ages, sizes and types: corporate, school, spiritual, sport, community, civic, etc.

Participants should expect to spend the entire session outdoors and must wear close-toed shoes.

For program information, contact Matt Hammons via email or by phone at (706) 484-2862.

Building Foundations

Non-traditional games and activities will facilitate group bonding through just plain fun! Laughter, smiles, and play are central to your group truly enjoying this program and each other!

  • 8-15 participants per facilitator
  • 2-4 hours
Non-traditional games will help your team warm up and break the ice.

Putting Your Team to the Test

This session starts with icebreakers to help everyone warm up and get to know each other first thing! Then, initiatives will move the group to the next level as they are presented with interesting situations for which they must collectively find creative solutions. Next, the Challenge Course introduces greater mental and physical challenge to the group’s developing dynamic. The challenge course is comprised of a series of low elements that require teams to use creativity and problem solving.  All along the way, discussion time allows norms to be developed, examined and changed in order for the group to use what they have learned to improve the way they will work together and relate to one another.

    • 8-15 participants per facilitator
    • 2–6 hours
A team works together on a challenge course element.

High Ropes Experience

Follow-up your group’s team building experience with the ultimate mental and physical challenge! Choose between our giant swing or our element based adventure course. Each experience offers groups the chance to work together and to cheer on individual team members.

A team cheers on their group member on the adventure course.