Cloverleaf Camp

Cloverleaf camp is a great all around fun camp experience.  Children attend camp with their county 4-H club and county 4-H adult leaders.  Normally children have completed 5th or 6th grade, but counties are permitted to bring children at least 9 years and up.  Contact your county extension office for more information how to join this camp.

Cloverleaf Schedule Summary

Camp Promotional Video

Camp Promotional Video 2:  with good explanations from counselors of how things work

Information PDF for Parents and Youth

Booking Information

We book county 4-H clubs rather than individual children for Cloverleaf Camp. You may still be able to get your child registered  for 4-H camp through your local county 4-H club.

To get more information, call your county’s Cooperative Extension office and ask for the person responsible for 4-H camp. You can find contact information for each county online at: