• Herpetology
    • Students get the opportunity to handle, observe, and learn about reptiles and amphibians. Characteristics and adaptations of snakes, turtles, alligators, salamanders, and more will be discussed. Also, many of the misconceptions about these beneficial, but often misunderstood animals will be dispelled.
  • Lake Ecology
    • (3rd thru 5th grade)
    • Be prepared to get your feet wet in this fascinating class. Students will use dip nets to collect and identify common organisms found in Rock Eagle Lake. Adaptations to an aquatic environment and characteristics of lakes will be discussed through exploration and hands-on activities. Students will need to bring old shoes that can get wet and muddy.
  • Lake Assessment 
    • (6th thru 12th grade)
    • Using the scientific method, students will investigate whether or not certain fish species can be raised in Rock Eagle Lake. Students will be guided through the seven steps of the scientific method while taking part in a real life field study of Rock Eagle Lake. Students will have an opportunity to collect macro-invertebrates with dip nets and conduct water quality experiments to prove or disprove their hypothesis. Students will need to bring old shoes that can get wet and muddy.
  • Watershed Studies
    • Explore a Piedmont watershed and discover how humans can impact local water bodies. Students will sample aquatic organisms inour streams and discuss how watershed  assessment can help monitor the health of our groundwater and water bodies. Final thoughts will include discussions focusing on students’ actions for a healthier watershed. Students will need to bring old shoes that can get wet and muddy.
  • Ornithology
    • Come discover the wonderful world of birds! This 2-hour class will consist of a bird walk (with binoculars and field guides) and a visit with our Rock Eagle Raptors. Bird adaptation, identification, and ecological importance will be stressed in this interactive class. Due to similarities, this class is not recommended to take with the evening class Raptors.

Living History

  • Native American Skills
    • Step back in time and encounter a variety of skills used by the Native Americans who inhabited Georgia.  Activities will date back from 12,000 to 500 years ago.  Students will learn hands on skills that kept the early Native Americans alive.
  • Pioneer Life
    • Students will participate in chores associated with life on a farm during early Georgia history.  From the early 1800’s to the mid 1900’s, chores included drawing water,  laundry, and gardening.  Students will tour the original home site and features of the Scott family.   
  • Pioneer Tools
    • Students will learn skills associated with life on a farm during early Georgia history.  From the early 1800’s to the mid 1900’s,chores included shingle  making, cutting firewood, and fence making.
  • Rock Eagle Hike
    • This 2-hour class features a hike to Rock Eagle’s namesake, the Rock Eagle Mound! Once there, students will climb a 40ft tower to peer down at the effigy and speculate upon its origins.

Outdoor Skills

  • Canoeing
    • Basic instructions are given before students venture out onto the water to try canoeing for themselves. Canoeing techniques, water safety, and procedures will be covered by the instructor. All participants must wear a personal flotation device (life jacket) at all times.
  • Orienteering
    • Students will be introduced to the following basic orienteering skills: orienting a compass and pacing. These skills along with a few math equations will prepare students for the Rock Eagle orienteering course.
  • Nature Journal
    • (5th-12th grade)
    •  This class will provide an introduction to nature journaling. Students will have the opportunity to exercise their observation skills while using Rock Eagle’s lake, plants, and animals as subjects for inspiration.  Through hands on experience students will combine nature and creative expression such as; art, literature, and creative writing.
    • There is an additional $2.00 fee per student for nature journal.

Team Building

  • Team Initiatives
    • Students are introduced to the principles of team-building. Without ever going on the low ropes course, students will explore what it takes to be an effective team. Topics that may be addressed range from trust, goal setting, challenge, problem solving, or just plain fun! Activities may be physically mentally challenging.
  • Challenge Course (5th thru 12th grade)
    • Groups focus on the principles of team-building by working through a progression of initiatives and elements. Each activity will focus on a different aspect of the team. These aspects may include goal setting, trust, problem solving, planning, or group cohesion. Most groups will progress onto the low ropes course during this class. Add fun to team-building and you have a recipe for success. This course is physically and mentally challenging to groups.

Evening Classes

Evening classes are usually one hour unless stated otherwise.


  • Ichthyology
    • Fish Dissection (Internal anatomy- limited availability): Through perch dissection, students will explore the unique world of fish adaptations!
    • There is an additional $1.00 fee per student
  • Nature Hike
    • Experience the sights and sounds of Rock Eagle at night.  Students will hike Rock Eagle trails and learn how nocturnal animals use their senses at night.  Activities may vary due to seasonal constraints and weather.
  • Snakes
    • (Not available if taking the Herpetology Class and limited for groups less than 100 students.)
    • This hands-on class is a great introduction to one of the most feared creatures in the world — Snakes! Students (and adults) will be able to touch and hold snakes in this informative 1-hour class that dispels many of the myths about these animals.
  • Raptors 
    • (Not available if taking Ornithology and limited for groups less than 100 students.)
    • Visit with our Rock Eagle Raptors in this one-hour class. Students will gain an understanding on the ecological importance of raptors and their special adaptations that allow them to be the top of the food chain!

Living History

  • Native American Games
    • (not available if taking Native American Studies)
    • Students will enjoy participating in authentic games played by the people indigenous to the Americas. Games were played by Native Americans not only for fun, but for building skills and settling disputes.
  • Historic Campfire
    • (2 hour class – Limited to 3rd through 5th grade schools with less than 125 participants)
    • Students will be treated to an old-fashioned campfire portraying nineteenth century rural dress, games, songs, and stories. Activities will be presented with plenty of audience participation. The campfire will be held out at the Irby Hudson Scott history site and includes a quarter mile walk into the woods.

Just for Fun!

  • Campfire
    • The campfire program at Rock Eagle provides students with an opportunity to participate in a recreational and social activity. An hour of storytelling, songs, skits, and legends around a burning campfire can be a welcome addition to your outdoor experience.
  • Museum Tour
    • (for less than 100 students)
    • Take a tour of the 4-H Natural History Museum. Learn about Georgia history, plants and animals, dinosaurs, agriculture, the Rock Eagle 4-H Center story, and many other items in this fascinating glimpse of the past, present, and future.
  • Ultimate
    • Ultimate is a field based recreational game.  Two teams compete to toss a disc to one another until they cross the opponent’s goal; possession changes hands when the disc is intercepted or touches the ground.  Ultimate is a great way for students to enjoy playing off the excitement from the day.