UGA Extension Military Outreach is always in need of dedicated, passionate volunteers for a number of activities and functions that support Georgia’s military youth. Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience.  Whether it’s facilitating a fun leadership activity, assisting in the setup of an event, or teaching a workshop for military youth, there is a job for you! For a deployed soldier, there is no better feeling than to know that your kids are being cared for back at home while you are thousands of miles away.

Have an Impact as a Volunteer


Volunteer Applications

Volunteers at youth activities could assist with registration, setting up snacks, refreshing craft supplies, or even leading an activity about a topic of interest at a youth event. Volunteers can serve throughout the year in Georgia 4-H. The 4-H Military Liasion can assist you in connecting with a local 4-H program. A general call for volunteers will be sent out when there is a need for any youth event.

A highlight for many volunteers is volunteering at a GA 4-H military camp. Military camps are often referred to as a retreat (3-day) or summit (4 days or more). Summits and retreats are for military-dependent youth to come together for respite, learning, and fun with other military youth. Ages and service branches are dependent on grants and contracts.

2024 Application Procedures:

For summits and retreats, interested adults (ages 21+) should complete the following 4-H Volunteer Agreement with a wet or digital signature. All adult leaders will be subject to a background check. To begin the GA 4-H Volunteer screening process to serve at a military camp or another military event please complete the following steps:

New Applicants

  1. UGA Application for Screening and Background Investigation
  2. Risk Management Online Test
    • Staff will send post-BI approval
  3. Volunteer Selection Confirmation
    • Staff will confirm with individual volunteers throughout the process and when all documents/screening/approvals are completed.
    • New applicants will select their preferred camp and their selection will be pending until approvals are completed.
    • Camp dates are released typically between Jan – March.

2023 Volunteers Planning to Serve in 2024

2023 volunteers will follow an abbreviated onboarding process based on their former experience, up-to-date background investigation, and continued communication with the coordinator.  2023 volunteers should follow the below process:

  1. Volunteer Week Selection
    • Email the week you would like to volunteer (once dates are released). Staff will confirm via phone or email. Volunteering is first-come-first-served.
  2. UGA Volunteer Agreement
    • The updated volunteer agreement is completed. Staff will send the electronic link for the prospective volunteer to complete.
  3. Risk Management Online Test (completed yearly)
    • Staff will send the link.

Additional Information on Screening Application

To best protect volunteers’ sensitive information UGA requires volunteers to enter their sensitive information into a secured system personally. With this system, volunteer applicants will receive an email from  providing instructions on accessing a secured portal to enter their information. The email form Accurate is time-sensitive, so please plan to check your email regularly. The requested information will include the volunteers’ Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses. The applicant will authorize their consent to background investigation online when providing personal information. UGA HR will continue to approve the background investigation once the investigation is completed and a UGA Military Staff person will inform volunteers when further training or information is needed. If you have questions throughout the process, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Military Liaison Contact Information:

Direct any questions to or (706) 542-4444. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @gamilcamps. Also, sign up for our Mailing List to receive event updates in the future. Mandy Marable, Associate State 4-H Leader, can also provide support. You can reach Mrs. Mandy at or at 706-542-4444.



Serving as an Advocate is the easiest option to volunteer. Advocate Volunteers are needed to spread the word about Georgia 4-H Military Programs simply. Share us with your organizations, follow us on Facebook & Instagram @gamilcamps, and share our posts and, most importantly, tell military youth about our activities! Advocates might also be asked to host a Georgia 4-H Military Programs information table at events across the state to inform communities about what we offer. Sign up for our Mailing List to receive event updates in the future.

County Program Development Team Member

Want to do more to help build community? In Georgia, our need is great as we struggle to provide extra support to our large population of National Guard and Reserve families.

With the help of dedicated volunteers like you, Georgia 4-H Military Programs can provide a framework of support to help military children. As a County Program Development Team member, you can work directly with your County Agent to ensure that the needs of military youth in your county are being met and that successful programs continue to receive support from year to year. Orientation and training resources are provided. Minimal time commitment. Create positive change while gaining insight into the needs of your community and building your professional portfolio and networks! For more information, contact your local 4-H Agent.

Find your County 4-H Agent here:

Contact your local County Extension Office or the State 4-H Office to find out how you can support youth programs in your community.


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