Ambassador Reporting Information


Each quarter, Georgia 4-H Ambassadors are required to submit documentation of their learning and sharing activities. These reports are due on September 10, December 10, March 10, and June 10. Ambassadors that successfully complete 6 learning activities and 6 sharing activities as well as submit their report by the deadline will be recognized during State 4-H Council.

For each learning activity and each sharing activity you complete, you will complete a separate report. Therefore, if you complete 2 learning activities and 3 sharing activities in one quarter, you will submit 5 reports

For each learning activity, you will answer these questions:

    •  What did you do to learn more about your Ambassador subject area?    Please provide specific details such as the title of resources, names of speakers, persons interviewed, locations visited, etc.
    • How are you a better Ambassador because of the learning activities you completed?

For each sharing activity, you will answer these questions:

    • How many people did you DIRECTLY educate with this sharing activity?
    • How many people did you INDIRECTLY educate with this sharing activity? (best informed estimate — ask your 4-H leader to help you calculate, if needed)
    • Describe your sharing activity. Please include: activity name or title, activity location, date of activity, describe the activity, audience, number of attendees, and how it went – impact, successes, challenges, etc.
    • Optional photos can be uploaded.

The report is an online form; it is suggested to type the information you wish to share in a Word document and then copy/paste the information into the form. A copy of the report will be e-mailed to you and your 4-H leader, using the e-mail addresses you type in the form. (Therefore, it is extremely important to type the e-mail addresses correctly.)

The training team is eager to see your accomplishments!




Submit Ambassador Report



The following lists have some ideas for Ambassador Learning and Sharing Activities. Be sure to check with your County 4-H Leader to discuss and plan how to approach your year as a 4-H Ambassador.

Ideas for Learning Activities

  • Articles you’ve read
  • Classes or workshops attended
  • Websites visited or computer applications practiced
  • Research applied
  • Interviews with experts on the subject
  • Interviews with people who you think would benefit from new information on the topic

Ideas for Sharing Activities

  • Demonstrations, speeches & illustrated talks for civic groups, school groups, clubs
  • Exhibits for businesses, public buildings, fairs and events
  • Mini booth for a fair
  • Project Club with activities and games related to the issue
  • Develop lesson plans/activities for 4-H club meetings (to be used by extension staff and leaders)
  • Summer classes or holiday programs
  • New articles, web pages, radio spots
  • Integrated information into school assignments and activities
  • Educational reading and study including journals, print media, television, online classes, computer applications, or other educational pursuits
  • Planned promotional/educational events such as fairs, classes, clinics
  • Integration with other community and Extension events



Kelle Ashley – Primary Ambassador Contact
(706) 542-4444

Kasey Bozeman (Pollinator, STEM, and Wildlife Ambassador Programs)
(706) 542-4444

Elyse Daniel (Healthy Living Ambassador Program)
(706) 542-9237

Katie Bower (Technology Ambassador Program)
(706) 542-4444

Carole Knight and Kate Whiting (Livestock Program)
(706) 542-4444  /