Washington DC Intern Program

For over 50 years, college-age 4-H’ers from Georgia have served as interns with senators and members of Congress in Washington, D.C.  You could be the next person chosen for the experience of a lifetime as part of this rich tradition…


The 4-H Washington Intern Program began with Senator Richard Russell and former State 4-H Leader Tommy Walton in 1960.  While in D.C., students get to experience the inner workings of the federal government, increase their knowledge and understanding of the legislative process, expand their network of leader and career contacts, refine their communication skills, and represent Georgia 4-H in a national setting.   Alumni of the 4-H Intern Program are now leaders in many fields — a testament to the program’s impact.  As retired State 4-H Leader Dr. Bo Ryles, himself a former intern with Senator Herman Talmadge, once said, “We will maintain the philosophy of Dr. Walton and Senators Russell, Talmadge and Nunn. 4-H will only send outstanding 4-H’ers to Washington, and we ask their hosts to provide them with a memorable, positive learning experience.”

Outstanding college-age 4-H members or former 4-H members are encouraged to apply for the Georgia 4-H Washington Intern position in the office of one of Georgia’s U.S. Senators.  It is preferred that applicants for the internship are juniors or seniors in college during the time they are in Washington, but sophomores will also be considered. An intern is selected each year to serve during Fall semester, which most consider to be a superior experience to a summer internship.  Every effort will be made to assign interns to an area which is commensurate with their educational background, goals, and interests as well as the needs of the Senator’s office in Washington.

Following an initial review of applications, select candidates may be asked to schedule a personal interview and/or provide additional documentation (e.g., college transcripts, letters of recommendation) to move forward in the selection process.  Applicants should expect the selection process to take place up to a year in advance of the semester they wish to serve in D.C.


Intern Program Application


For more information on the Georgia 4-H Washington Internship please contact:
Jason Estep