Dean’s Award Communication and the Arts

Georgia 4-H offers to senior 4-H members (4-H’ers in ninth through twelfth grades) the opportunity to be recognized for participation in a broad spectrum of activities and experiences over a sustained period of time.

The Dean’s Award portfolio allows a 4-H’er to capture their cumulative 4-H participation and achievement record.

The process of building a cumulative portfolio allows a 4-H’er to exercise reflection and expository writing, two skills that are needed to generate a resume in preparation for the workforce. In addition to the cumulative record documentation, the 4-H’er also has an opportunity to prepare for and participate in an interview process. The refinement of the interview skills is also excellent preparation for interviews that will be part of their workforce experience. This learning experience affords those 4-H’ers who have excelled in state competitions and won to continue their 4-H competition. The Dean’s Award for Communication has a specific focus on 4-H’ers main project work as it relates to one of 4-H’s five core values.