• To acquire a better knowledge of livestock and develop skill in selecting good livestock.
  • To learn to identify breeds and classes of livestock and help improve livestock on the farm.
  • To learn how to make individual decisions and support them with oral statements.

Competition Guidelines

  • Study and learn to judge beef cattle, hogs and sheep.
  • Enter a community and/or county 4-H livestock judging contest.
  • There will be one statewide contest. In State competition, 4-H members will be required to:
    1. Place one or more breeding classes of beef cattle and hogs; one or more classes of beef steers and market barrows; one or more classes of sheep. Classes used will depend upon availability of animals. (Placing to count 50 points per class.)
    2. Give oral reasons on one or more classes of animals judged in the contests. (Each set of oral reasons to count 50 points maximum per class.)
    3. Answer at least one set of questions on a class of animals judged in the contest. (The set of questions is worth 50 points maximum.)
  • State winning team will be selected on basis of judging score only as follows:
    • Total score of high three per county will constitute the county team score. (A county team may consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of twenty participants.) Counties with fewer than three 4-H’ers may compete as individuals. Counties wishing to designate the 20 participants as two or more teams before the contest will be permitted to do so.

Awards & Recognition

  • Each participant will receive an award card and a judging pin.
  • Additional recognition will be presented as available to winning teams.
  • The top four members of the first place senior county team will the state winning team. This team and the coach will participatae in the National 4-H Judging Contest in Louisville, KY. After placing first and/or traveling to the National Contest, a 4-H’er is ineligible to compete in future 4-H Livestock Judging contests as an individual and/or team member.
  • The first place senior team and the state high individual will be eligible for Master 4-H’er status and will participate in the recognition of Special Events Winners at State 4-H Congress. The banquet meal and lodging expenses will be paid for the team, high individual and coach; however, travel costs are not covered.
  • The top four members of the second place county team will travel to Kansas City to compete at the American Royal 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. These members can compete in future Georgia 4-H Livestock Judging contests, but cannot return to the Kansas City contest.

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