Competition Guidelines

  • Youth Dairy Cattle Judging Quick Reference Guide
  • 4-H members may or may not be enrolled in a 4-H Dairy Animal project.
  • 4-H’ers may participate in a community and/or county 4-H Dairy Animal Judging Contest.
  • A county may enter a maximum of 20 Junior contestants (Cloverleaf and Junior participants) and a maximum of 20 Senior contestants. The total score of the high 3 members will constitute the team score. Counties wishing to have more than one team must designate them before the contest. Contestants from a county with less than 3 entries may participate, but only as individuals.
  • In judging competition, 4-H members will be required to:
    • Place a maximum of 3 classes of Holstein or Jersey cows and a maximum of 3 classes of heifers from the above breeds. Placings will count 50 points per class. Fifteen minutes will be allowed to place each class.
    • Give oral reasons on two or more classes. Reasons will count 50 points per class.
  • The total score of the high three per county will constitute the team score. A county team may consist of a minimum of three and maximum of twenty participants. Counties with fewer than three 4-H’ers may compete as individuals. Counties wishing to designate the 20 participants as two or more teams before the contest are permitted to do so. The winning team will be the county whose team has the largest combined score.
  • The team with the highest team score is the state winning team. Ties will be broken on the basis of reasons scores.

Awards & Recognition

  • Each participant will receive an award card and a judging pin.
  • Additional recognition will be presented to winning teams.
  • The top four members of the first place county senior team will be declared the state winning team. This team and the coach will participate in the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest in Madison, WI, with some expenses paid. After placing first at the state contest and/or traveling to the National Contest, a 4-H’er is ineligible to compete in future 4-H Dairy Judging Contests as an individual and/or team member.
  • The state winning senior team and the high individual will be eligible for Master 4-H’er status and participate in the recognition of Special Events Winners at State 4-H Congress. The banquet meal and lodging expenses will be paid for the team, high individual and coach; however, mileage and other travel costs are not covered.
  • The second place team will have the option of competing in either the Pennsylvania or Tennessee contests. Some funding may be available for the team to compete in this contest. Members competing in Pennsylvania or Tennessee are ineligible to return to compete in the contest in future years.

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