February 7, 2019


Each year, 4-H Day at the Capitol is held during a session of the General Assembly so that 4-H’ers can schedule visits with their legislators, serve as House and Senate pages, see top 4-H’ers honored, and hear our State 4-H President address the state legislature. 4-H Day at the Capitol also features a luncheon, hosted by the Georgia 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees, that offers 4-H youth the opportunity to eat with and meet legislators from around the state.


Check with your local County Extension Office for more information.


Important Things to Remember

  • This event is designed for mature middle school and high school aged 4-H’ers. It is important that everyone in attendance understands the need to represent Georgia 4-H well.
  • The schedule for events at the Capitol, including our 4-H President’s address to and recognition of honorees by the House and Senate, is subject to change. We will do our best to nail down the final schedule for the day as far in advance as possible.
  • There is no limit to the number of people from each county who can attend 4-H Day at the Capitol, and there is no cost to attend this event.  However, we do ask counties to register for 4-H Day at the Capitol so that we can:
    • Purchase insurance for the event
    • Have a record of 4-H’ers who are paging
    • Have a list of counties and 4-H’ers who are traveling that day

Drop-In Luncheon

The 4-H Day at the Capitol Drop-In Luncheon, hosted by the Georgia 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees will offer a limited number of 4-H youth the opportunity to eat and meet with legislators whose schedule allows them to visit the luncheon. The limit on the number of participants for the 4-H Day at the Capitol Drop-In Luncheon is six (6) per county — youth and/or adults.

VERY IMPORTANT: 4-H Day at the Capitol and the 4-H Day at the Capitol Drop-In Luncheon, hosted by the Georgia 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees are two separate events, held on the same day near the Capitol in Atlanta. They are two separate events in Event Registration. Please register your attendance for either or both.


County 4-H Staff who are attending 4-H Day at the Capitol should register their entire county group online (Georgia 4-H website/ Event Registration). Registration for 4-H Day at the Capitol will be open to anyone wishing to attend the event.

Required Information

  • Representative/Senator Visits: Please be prepared to list the names of legislators you intend to visit.
  • Pages: If any of your 4-H’ers are serving as a page, please list the name of the Senator or Representative.

There is no charge for participants/counties who go to the Capitol for only 4-H Day activities, however registering all participants is still necessary. Remember that there is a separate registration for the Drop-In Luncheon.

Be sure to let your General Assembly member know that your group is going to be at the Capitol. They likely can meet you at some point for a photo.

Serving as a Legislative Page

Pages must first be registered by counties with their local representatives.

There are a limited number of page positions available. Please do not attempt to register your entire 4-H Day delegation as pages; instead, consider registering one or two of your most interested and responsible 4-H members. If every legislator attempts to register the maximum on this day, it will cause problems.

Counties who have 4-H’ers serving as pages and who have youth attending the 4-H Day at the Capitol Drop-In Luncheon will need to have at least two adults with them. One should attend the luncheon and the other remain at the Capitol in the event pages are released early from their duties.

  1. To schedule a page for the day, contact your local representative or senator. Registration information is available below. (Note that this is not registration for 4-H Day at the Capitol or the 4-H Day Drop-In Luncheon). Your representative will register pages and are the only people who can confirm whether or not your 4-H’ers have been registered.
  2. Once pages are approved, counties should note which 4-Hers are pages for the day online and when they check in. There is a limit to the number of pages that can be accommodated.
  3. Each page should bring an index card with the name of the legislator he or she is paging for and if they are assigned to the House or Senate.
  4. Members of the 4-H Staff will coordinate 4-Hers who are paging, escort them to the Capitol and sign them in at the House and Senate Page Desks.
  5. The chaperone should keep the personal belongings of the page, as there is nowhere to store coats and purses.
  6. No cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices. If they are seen, they will be taken up and given back once the session ends.
  7. Pages must not leave before their session is over.
  8. Pages must be signed out by their adult leader at the end of the day.

2018 Press Release

Atlanta, GA – On Thursday, February 1, 2018, more than 400 4-H youth, leaders, and volunteers traveled to Atlanta for 4‑H Day at the Capitol. 4-H’ers visited the Georgia State Capitol to meet with their representatives and senators, tour the capitol building, and witness the legislative process. Some 4-H’ers even had the opportunity to serve as pages either in the Georgia House of Representatives or Senate.

State 4-H President Mason McClintock of Bacon County addressed both chambers of the Georgia General Assembly, thanking them for their continued support of 4-H and pledging Georgia 4-H’s commitment to work to improve Georgia’s communities. Moreover, Georgia 4-H appreciates our hosts for the day: Senator Ellis Black (R-8), Representative Rick Jasperse (R-11).

Following the Capitol tour and visit, 4-H’ers enjoyed a luncheon sponsored by the Georgia 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees. The Honorable Governor Nathan Deal, First Lady Sandra Deal, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, and Dr. Sam Pardue, Dean and Director of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, encouraged the 4-H’ers to continue serving their counties and communities though 4-H participation.

Resolutions in the House and Senate recognized several 4-H members for their outstanding achievements in leadership and citizenship, as well as 4-H’ers who have excelled in contests at the national level. The day’s activities concluded with a picture of the entire delegation with a number of representatives and senators. Georgia 4-H thanks Georgia’s leaders for their warm welcome and continued support of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Cooperative Extension, and Georgia 4-H. For information on getting involved in Georgia 4-H, please contact your local county Extension office.