The incredible, edible egg is made for more than breakfast!

The Egg Chef contest challenges youth to use eggs at the main ingredient in their prepared dish – whether that’s an appetizer, salad, main dish, drink, or dessert!  Through this contest, contestants use sound nutritional knowledge to prepare their dish, develop and demonstrate leadership and communication skills, and acquire knowledge of quality standards, size classification, nutritional value, preparations and storage, functional properties, versatility, and economic value of eggs. After preparing dishes, each participant must present a demonstration describing the steps of preparation, information on eggs, and a finished dish for sampling.

The Georgia 4-H Egg Chef Contest has two divisions: Junior (7-8 graders) and Senior (9-12 graders).  Each county may have up to 2 youth per division enter the state contest at Rock Eagle in September.

For more information, contact your local Extension office.