Interested Horse Quiz Bowl participants will compete in an online, “Horse Smarts” test hosted on the Qualtrics platform January 18-22, 2022 to qualify for the state competition that will be held face to face at Rock Eagle on Saturday, January 29.  We will recognize Junior and Senior individual results from the “Horse Smart” tests and qualify teams to compete at the State Contest.  Reach out to your county extension office for more details.
 Horse Quiz Bowl teams of either four or five members from one county compete against each other answering questions in a game show format. Play consists of double elimination tournament-style matches where two teams compete at a time. Participants compete with their team to answer questions on anatomy, conformation, feed and nutrition.


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Scorekeeper Information

This document contains information for scorekeepers on competition day.

Scorekeeper Information

Practice Questions

These questions are strictly provided to prepare county teams on how questions will be delivered by the moderator during the competition. State contest questions will only be from current resources provided in the current Procedure for Play.

2022 Horse Smarts Practice Test:


Heather K. Shultz
Extension Specialist, Livestock