Junior/Senior Project Achievement Portfolio Orientation

Judges’ Training
Senior (9th-12th Grade) Portfolio

Project Achievement is one of our core 4-H programs, and we value your contributions in developing our young people.  The following judging resources were developed for Senior Portfolio Judges.  Prior to the contest, please complete the following steps to prepare you for serving in the role of judge.

1. View the Portfolio Judging Orientation Module.

The module script is available if needed.
Discussion tips and sample questions may be used to guide the portfolio discussion.

2. Review Contest Resources:

3. Complete a Short Quiz to Earn Your Judges’ Certification.

If your local  Extension office has emailed you a quiz link, please return to the email and complete the quiz. Scoring 100% on this quiz will grant you certification for this module.

If you have not received an email from your local Extension office but would like to earn the judges’ certification, please contact your local Extension office to inquire about the Senior Portfolio Judges’ Certification.

Thank you, in advance, for serving as a Project Achievement judge! Should you have any questions prior to the contest, please contact your local Extension office.  We hope you enjoy your contest!