Build memories that last a lifetime! Be a part of 4-H’s unique camp and conference opportunities and experience seasons of fun, friends, and the great outdoors!

Help us plant the seeds for greatness in our youth as you embark on a journey into 4-H’s extraordinary camping centers across Georgia. Become a positive role model for our young people and watch as 4-H’ers build friendships, memories, skills, and experiences! Georgia 4-H camps and conferences are seeking volunteers who are determined to excite and inspire the successes of our nation’s next generation of leaders.

Chaperone Responsibilities Include:

  • Providing transportation as needed
  • Supervision of youth at camp both in cabins and during camp activities/classes
  • Cooperating with other volunteers and staff at camp
  • Enforcing the 4-H Code of Conduct and camp policies
  • Administering routine prescribed medications and treatment of minor injuries.

Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • Must provide own transportation to meetings and activities
  • Ability to communicate effectively with staff, volunteers and program participants
  • Completion of screening and training (information and links below)
  • Ability to work with youth in positive youth development
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively
  • Ability to handle sensitive issues, discipline, and emergency situations

Volunteer Service Descriptions

Any adult, paid staff or volunteer, who chaperones youth overnight, is the lead volunteer of a Charter 4-H Club, or is a Certified SAFE coach must complete the Georgia 4-H Certified Chaperone training.


Volunteer Application