Upcycle Challenge Winners 2020

Link: 2020 Upcycle Announcement



Owen Aymett,  5th Grader at The Webb School (Tennessee), created a roping calf




Liv Waters, 3rd Graders at Stratford Academy (Bibb County), created a bird feeder



Frank Edwards, 5th Grader at Crossroads Christian School (Coweta County), created a trashcan



Jonalisa Ledoux, 5th Grader at Sedalia Park Elementary (Cobb County), created a portable garden



Nandini Patel, Ben Hill County 4-H’er (Ben Hill County), created pet bed pillows



Ava Jeshuran, 6th Grader at Stratford Academy (Monroe County), created a self-watering plant holder



Graham Moore, 6th Graders at Stratford Academy (Bibb County), created a succulent garden



Aranv Taneja, 6th Grader at Stratford Academy (Bibb County), created a family charging station


Liam Jay, 10th Grade, Ben Hill County 4-H’er (Ben Hill County), created an arcade game cabinet



Kaitlyn Hawes, 12th Grade, Homeschooler (Effingham County), created a storage container


Purpose of Upcycle Challenge

With our “Upcycle Challenge,” we recognize the three “R’s” of reducing, reusing, and recycling are important but unfortunately, not all students, cities, or counties have access to the third “R” – “recycling.” That is why “upcycling” matters! No matter your local resources, we ALL can be creative in our effort to “upcycle” our waste for improved solutions! We hope our “Upcycle Challenge” will encourage students (and adults!) to be inspired with their waste beyond reducing, reusing, and recycling and through “upcycling!”

Upcycle Challenge Purpose

What is Upcycling?

Please follow these videos for more information on waste solutions and marine debris.

What is upcycling?  

  • Upcycling turns trash into treasure through creative repurpose!
  • Upcycling takes waste materials, unused or unwanted items and creates something new with the purpose for another, long-term goal!
  • Recycling unlike, upcycling, involves the destruction of waste to create something new. Reusing unlike upcycling, involves reusing a product short-term for only few times or less.

How to Submit an Upcycle Entry?

The “2021 Upcycle Challenge” dates will be announced Summer 2021.

How to Submit an Upcycle Challenge Entry?

Although we encourage individuals to Upcycle as many items as possible, individuals are only permitted ONE entry for the Burton Upcycle Challenge. An Individual entry will require a photo of the concept AND a 10-30 second video explaining the concept. Please completely fill out the Qualtrics form with uploads and make sure to click the red arrow to submit. Any entry not fully completed will be disqualified.

Rules & Guidelines

Upcycle Challenge Rules and Guidelines

  1. All students in grades 2nd-12th are eligible to participate.
  2. Individuals may only submit one entry.
  3. Individuals must be the creator of the concept using materials to create an item that will be repurposed long-term (i.e. milk carton for bird feeder).
  4. 80% of the Upcycle submissions must be done by using repurposed everyday materials only (examples include but are not limited to: bottles, magazines, soda cans, etc.). Pure decorative art will not be accepted.
  5. 20% of the Upcycle submission may include materials to help create the item (examples include ink, glue, adhesives). Please do not purchase supplies, try to think creatively how to complete your concept with the resources you already have!
  6. Individuals will also be required to explain the Upcycle concept in the submission form by submitting a 10-30 second video explaining the purpose and advantages of the concept.
  7. Upcycle submissions will be judged on functionality, creativity, innovation, and the number of incorporated recyclables.
  8. The filenames of Upcycle Challenge submissions must include the individual’s first name, last name, school, and grade.
  9. Youth must use the Burton 4-H official entry form; any entries received without using the official entry form will be disqualified.
  10. Any entries received after the deadline will be disqualified.

Awards & Recognition

(3) GRAND PRIZE WINNERS – (One for each grade group – grades 2-5, 6-8, and 9-12).

  • Upcycle Challenge submissions will be featured in Burton 4-H Environmental Education programs and shared on social media platforms.
  • Grand Prize Award

(3) HONORABLE MENTIONS (One from each age group – grades 2-5, 6-8, and 9-12).

  • Honorable Mention Award

Challenge Release Statement

By submitting a concept to the Burton Upcycle Challenge (either on your own or through a legal guardian), you certify that you are the individual who created the concept submitted, that you own the copyrights to the design and that you have the authority to enter into this release. You release Georgia 4-H from any liability that arises from the use of the design except for uses that violate the terms and conditions of this release. You agree to work in good faith with Georgia 4-H to promptly resolve any problems or disputes that may arise due to your submission of the concept. By entering your concept in the Burton Upcycle Challenge, you grant Georgia 4-H the royalty-free and non-exclusive right to use your concept as follows: (i) on the Georgia 4-H/Burton 4-H Center website; (ii) for Georgia 4-H/Burton 4-H Center posters, brochures, activity guides, and/or any other printed or electronic publications; (iii) in Georgia 4-H/Burton 4-H Center electronic emails; (iv) and in any other internal or external marketing materials or media coordinated by Georgia 4-H/Burton 4-H Center. You further waive the right to inspect or approve the final use of your design by Georgia 4-H/Burton 4-H Center organization.



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