Joint Extreme Summit

Length of Camp:  6 days, 5 nights
Campers: Military-connected youth, 13-18 years old
Location:  Rock Eagle 4-H Center’s Frank Fitch Pioneer Camp
Dates: Typically in June
2024: Awaiting Grant Funds



The below highlights a possible opportunity for 2024; however, confirmed plans will be determined when and if Georgia 4-H is approved for the grant. We typically have scholarships and camps approved by January with registration opening in March. To learn about the former 2023 camp read the information below.

Camp Description:

This 6-day, 5-night experience offers military-connected teens an opportunity to grow and develop not only an appreciation for outdoor recreation but also as military youth. Military-connected youth, 13–18 years old, will experience high adventure choices including kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, and challenge course.  Youth will participate in skill-building activities through bird identification, outdoor cooking and camping skills, fishing, team challenges, and low ropes.  Teens will have opportunities to connect with other military youth from the southeast region of the United States while they roast marshmallows, swim, socialize around the campfire, and play basketball. Teens can share experiences while making new friends and experience rustic lodging with tent camping in the great outdoors at Frank Fitch Pioneer camp located at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.


Get a better feel of the camp design and activities by viewing the tentative 2023 Joint Extreme Schedule.

Website Schedule 2023_ Joint Extreme

Joint Extreme Information Video:

Follow this link to a OneDrive video file to view an information video that discusses the camp facility, lodging, medicine, first aid procedures, team members, and more. You can direct any questions to Laura Goss at post video.

Who Can Attend:

The Joint Extreme Summits are primarily regional residential overnight experiences. Both opportunities will reach military-connected teens from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Military dependents from other states can apply; however, priority will be given to SE military dependents. Military families a part of the reserve, guard, and active component of the military uniformed services: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard are eligible for the Summits. In 2023, Military-dependent youth ages 13-18 can attend one week of adventurous and stimulating camp at Rock Eagle 4-H Center’s Frank Fitch Pioneer Camp.

Our Goal:

The Joint Extreme Summit strives to provide a transformational experience for the participants. Youth will participate in teambuilding challenges, communication activities, and group dynamics experiences to facilitate a long-lasting experience and build an enduring network with other military-connected youth. The former will be woven throughout the experiences to allow teens to form bonds and create a peer support network with other military teens experiencing the same challenges.

Rustic Outdoor Experience:

Military-connected participants and adult chaperones will experience adventurous lodging options at Rock Eagle 4-H Center’s Frank Fitch Pioneer Camp. Staff will provide tents for youth and adults. Frank Fitch Pioneer Camp offers a covered pavilion and a rustic bathhouse for males and females. In the case of inclement weather or other risk factors, the 4-H Military Staff will provide shelter at Rock Eagle 4-H Center’s main campus. To add to the adventure, campers will also gain outdoor cooking skills and general camping skills throughout their stay at the Frank Fitch Pioneer Camp. Not only do campers gain camping skills, but they will learn more about animals in the southeastern region of the United States. Participants will interactively learn about amphibians and reptiles through a herpetology class and gain an appreciation for freshwater fish by fishing the Rock Eagle Lake. Youth will experience nature up close at the Joint Extreme Summit through classes, cooking outdoors, and lodging in tents.

Camp Activities:

Camp Costs:

Camp registration fees, lodging, camp activities, most travel expenses, and all meals while at the Summit are covered for participants. Funding is provided through the 2023 Military Teen Adventure Camps grant provided by NIFA/USDA through a partnership with the Department of Defense, Military Community and Family Policy, Office of Military Family Readiness Policy, Children, and Families, and USDA/NIFA.


Registration opens on March 1st. Registration will be managed online. Wave 1 of applications (March 1 – April 17) will be released by April 24th. Families can continue to apply after April 17th through May 24th. A rolling acceptance will begin on April 25th for families who apply after April 17th. If slots become full we will maintain a waitlist.  Families will be emailed when and if spots become available.

Steps  to access the application:

  1. Visit
  2. In the top right corner, hover over “Login or Create an Account.”  Select Parent Account.
  3. Follow the directions to create an account.  This will include creating a “member” for each child who will complete an application.
  4. Once your account is complete, you can access the “Family/Group Portal” on the main menu.  Select “New Application.”
  5. The 2023 Joint Summit application is now available.  Click “More Information” to begin the application.

A video of the application steps has been created to support you as needed. The video provides an overview of how to complete the application.



We are using a new registration system and are the first group to use the application process for this new website. Please reach out with questions and provide feedback. Thank you for your patience.

If you have issues registering for a workshop, training, or online course, please contact for assistance, and feel free to CC

Travel Support:

Vehicle Travel:

The University of Georgia, working with the Georgia 4-H Foundation, will reimburse mileage for each participant and adult leader to help ease any burden of travel for military families. Families will receive an estimated $230 per camper to support the cost of travel including gas and two meals.  We will provide a carpooling document post-acceptance to support families, as needed.

Parents will be responsible for:

  • Getting teens to/from Rock Eagle 4-H Center 
    350 Rock Eagle Rd, Eatonton, GA 31024
  • Spending money on snacks or souvenirs
    • Canteen onsite sales shirts, coke, popcorn, slushies, stuffed animals, candy…
  • Meals during travel

Air Travel:

A limited number of flights for youth and adults will be purchased to support travel to and from camp through the camp grant. An estimated 15 flights per week to support individuals whose commute to the facility is more than 400 miles round trip. Airfare needs can be communicated by families in the registration process and camp staff will confirm support once the teen is accepted to attend. Unaccompanied Minor (UM) is required by most airlines for 13 and 14-year-olds. UM fees are not covered through the camp grant except on a needs basis while funds last and should be requested by families. Baggage fees are not covered except for emergency reasons. More details will be shared as able by camp staff. Individuals will fly in and out of the international Atlanta Airport.  The Georgia 4-H team will transport youth/adults from Atlanta to Rock Eagle 4-H Center.

Parent and Youth Packet:

Families will receive a detailed packing list, facility directions, camp forms, and other key pieces of information to prepare for camp once an individual is accepted to attend camp. Laura Goss is happy to support individuals with the application process, questions related to forms, and camp activities at

Former Camp Impact:

Check out some camp quotes, reach, and impact by reviewing the 2022 Georgia 4-H Military Teen Adventure Camp Report below:

Georgia 4-H DOD Funded Camps_ 2022


Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Applications:

Applications for 2023  are now open! We invite parents, military members, educators, and people passionate about youth development to serve at a 4-H Military’s Summit.

Volunteers at youth activities could find themselves assisting with registration, setting up snacks, refreshing craft supplies, playing basketball with the youth, hiking alongside youth, supporting recreation, or even leading an activity.

Interested adults (ages 21+) should review the Georgia 4-H Volunteer Military Camp page which includes details on how to apply. Contact Laura Goss at or at 706-542-4444 to learn more about the benefits of volunteering.

Other Military Adventure Opportunities

Other Military Adventure Opportunities:

We recognize that our Georgia 4-H military-dependent summit might not work with your schedule or travel restrictions might limit your ability to join us in Georgia. Therefore, we want to make you aware of other great opportunities! Military teens (13-18 years old of Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Retired personnel) will have an opportunity to participate in adventure camps at little to no cost. These high-energy, high-adventure, and high-experience camps are planned across the United States. This is the perfect chance for you to experience the outdoors as you never have before!

Each camp offers a unique outdoor experience that will allow you to build your leadership, self-confidence, and teamwork skills while engaging with the outdoors. Camps have funding available to assist with transportation costs.

Go to the Purdue Extension website to learn more about camps. Check out the below 2022 Military Teen Adventure Impact Report.

2022 MTAC Summary

Additional Information:

For more information, contact Laura Goss, 4-H Military Liaison at or at 706-542-444. Mrs. Goss is happy to arrange a time to speak with families to include the teens! It is an honor to share camps with teens, Teen Center staff, parents, guardians, and all who are trying to decide if the Joint Extreme Summit is the right camp for them/their child.