The Georgia 4-H Communications and Technology Team (Tech Team) is comprised of middle and high school youth and is led by a group of adult staff and collegiate volunteers with a passion for technology education.  The goal of the Tech Team is to increase the use of computer technology in 4-H through various means including videography, photography, podcasting, GIS/GPS, and graphic design.  The team meets twice a year to complete various educational projects that benefit local state 4-H programming efforts.  Additionally, youth are exposed to a variety of communication and technology-related careers.  Georgia 4-H Tech Team members are selected annually through a competitive application process.

2020-2021 Timeline

We will use the timeline below for seeking members for the 2020-2021 year.
• April 15: application period closes
• May 15: Tech Team membership announced
• August 1: membership year begins


All applications will be reviewed by a committee of adult and collegiate leaders, using the following 2020-2021 Application Scoring Rubric.


Georgia 4-H Science Contact

Kasey Bozeman
Extension 4-H Specialist