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Eligibilty for 4-H Membership & Competitive Events

General Membership Guidelines

The Georgia 4-H program year is August 1-July 31. Decisions concerning most competitive events and eligibility are in regards to that program year.

  • Any youth residing in or attending school in Georgia in 4th - 12th grades may enroll in Georgia
    • Some county programs offer Cloverbud programming for kindergarten through 3rd graders. These youth must meet the grade requirements of that specific program.
    • For Non-graded and Home-School Youth and special circumstances, please see the Membership and Enrollment guide.
    • Also see Livestock Minimal Grade Eligibility Requirements.

  • Grade level of the 4-H'er for the program year of August 1 - July 31 determines participation in competitive and non-competitive programs.
  • 4-H'ers must complete an enrollment card in order to be a member of a 4-H program. This is the certification of 4-H membership and should be on file at the County Extension office.
    4-H'ers should also be entered in the 4-H Enrollment online registration system. This includes 4-H'ers participating in activities and events for education, recreation or competition. For educational and recreational purposes, 4-H'ers may participate and enroll in more then one county's 4-H programs. Within a county, 4-H'ers may be members of more than one club or organized 4-H group.

Additional Guidelines for Competitive Events

  • In order to participate in 4-H competitive events, 4-H'ers must have a 4-H enrollment card on file in the county office and be entered in 4-H Enrollment online.
  • 4-H'ers who also compete in FFA competition must meet and follow all guidelines in the 4-H/FFA Statement of Relations  In most cases, when 4-H and FFA offer the same contests, youth may not represent both 4-H and FFA in that contest.
  • By nature of the competition, competitive events may have additional eligibility rules and requirements. Refer to the specific guidelines for an event in order to insure all eligibility criteria are met
  • 4-H’ers should compete as members of 4-H in the county where s/he attends school or lives full time (referred to as home county). In situations where 4-H’ers would like to enroll in 4-H in a county other than the home county, the request should be made for positive youth development principles and not for competitive advantage.


Change in Membership Forms and Instructions
Change in Membership Form
Deactivation Form


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