Senior 4-H Chicken Barbecue Demonstration Contest
updated 9/10/15

(75% Outdoor grilling of chicken and 25% demonstration / illustrated talk)





  1. Senior contestants must be in the ninth grade and have passed his/her 14th birthday and must not have passed his/her 19th birthday on January 1st of current year.  (According to the Policies and Guidelines for National 4-H Competitive Events, contestant must not have reached his or her 19th birthday as of January 1st of the year in which the National 4-H Competitive Event is held.  Since this national contest occurs in November, a contestant who was not 19 on January 1, 2012 is eligible for this contest.)
  2. Each county may have up to two representatives in the division.




- Contestant is to have turned in product by the end of stated cooking time. Contestants will be notified 15  minutes prior to the end of the cooking time. Each contestant will present two intact, barbecued chicken halves  to the panel of judges at the conclusion of their cooking time on plates or containers provided. No garnishes, dips or additional items shall be presented on the plates or submitted to the judges. Note that one recipe card or  cooking outline card for the sensory judges must accompany the product.  Product will be evaluated using the sensory score sheets.

An illustrated presentation, including factual information about broilers, will be made by each contestant (see score sheet). The participant is to demonstrate their knowledge in the following areas:




Contestant No.                                           



4-H Chicken Barbecue Contest
Presentation Score Sheet




Points Scored




A.  Participants (Total Points 10)
        Well groomed
        Dressed appropriately
        Voice distinct & reasonably strong
        Pleasant, natural, yet enthusiastic and convincing




B.  Subject Matter (Total Points 25)

       Participant well informed and demonstrated
         knowledge of corresponding turkeys/ broilers and
       Information presented accurately, practicality, and            adequately addressed
       Incorporated factual nutritional information and
         addressed food safety issues




C.  Presentation (Total Points 25)

       Introduction brief & interesting
       Methods suited to subject matter and venue
       Information given in logical manner
       Equipment & materials handled with ease and skill
         with visuals, easily seen & understood
       Effective use of time
       Important points summarized




D.  Results* (Total Points 5)
      Overall effectiveness of presentation
      Questions answered satisfactorily








Contestant No _______                                           
4-H Chicken Barbecue
Cooking Skills




Points Scored




Equipment and Utensils    (point value 5)
Practical?             Efficient?                   Complicated? 
Timely?_____  Appropriately arranged?_____
Cleanup of work area and equipment?
Contestant furnished appropriate recipe card?_____           




Appearance and Cleanliness    (point value 5)
Person and equipment:
Initially: (inappropriate, marginal, appropriate)
While Cooking: (inappropriate, marginal, appropriate)
Apron / Attire (inappropriate, marginal, appropriate)




Starting Fire    (point value 10)
Was skill demonstrated in starting fire? Yes No
Was method of lighting safe? Yes No
Was extra fuel needed to start fire? Yes No




Controlling Fire     (point value 15)
Was person skilled in controlling fire? Yes No
Was there excessive smoke of flame? Yes No
Fire and heat control: (Too hot, appropriate, too cool)
Excessive heat required control measures? Yes No
   -excessive ash dust stirred up? Yes No NA
If needed, was charcoal added properly? Yes No NA




Preparing Chicken for Cooking    (point value 10)
Demonstrated Overall Cooking Skills?  Yes No
Safe use of knife? Yes No
Trimmed excess fat?
Safe handling of uncooked chicken:
    (inappropriate  marginal  appropriate)




Skill in Barbecuing      (Point value 25)
Did cooking start with skin side up? Yes No
Was chicken turned before blistering? Yes No
Was skin torn stuck to grill? Yes No
Was sauce uniformly applied? Yes No
Food Safety Issues Observed (cleanliness, contamination, handling, check for doneness?)








Contestant No.                                                             


4-H Chicken Barbecue
Sensory Evaluation

Note:  It the produce handled is severly undercooked and the judges deem it unsafe to eat, sensory evaluation will end with the first two categories on this scoresheet and zeros will be given in the remaining categories.




Points Scored




Appearance*   (Point value 15)
Color   (too light, moderate, too dark)
Uniformity   (not uniform, moderate, uniform)
Burnt/blistered   (severe, moderate, none)
Speckled with Ash   (severe, moderate, none)
Skin Torn (severe, moderate, none)




Degree of Doneness- both halves   (Point value 20)
Drumstick   (undercooked, done, overcooked)
Wing   (undercooked, done, overcooked)
Breast (undercooked, done, overcooked)




Texture*   (Point value 15)
Chewiness   (tough, chewy, tender)
Rubbery    (much, moderate, none)
Juiciness    (dry, moist, wet)




Flavors*   (Point value 25)
Chicken     (poor, moderate, good, excellent)
Sauce     (weak, moderate, too strong)
Off Flavor    (weak, moderate, too strong)
BBQ Flavor (weak, moderate, too strong)




After Taste*   (Point value 5)
    (strong, moderate, weak, none)








*Circle appropriate statement

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