This 6-day, 5-night experience offers teens an opportunity to grow and develop not only in their own leadership abilities, but also as reserve component military youth. Reserve component teens will experience high adventure elements including a climbing wall, rappelling down a rock-face, whitewater rafting, and other high-rope elements. Teens will have opportunities to meet other military youth from around the globe and share experiences while making new friends. The objective of this summit is to introduce military teens to not only their parent’s military service branch, but also to the growing joint nature of their work.

Camp Costs

Airfare, transportation while at the Summit, camp fees, lodging and meals are covered by funding provided by the Office of Secretary of Defense – Military Community and Family Policy. Parents will be responsible for getting their teen to/from the airport, baggage fees, spending money for snacks, souvenirs and meals during airline travel. Please see Frequently Asked Questions above for additional airline fee details.


We are now accepting applications for 2018 Teen Leadership Summit Adult Leaders!

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