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Georgia Military Youth Advisory Council

The 2014-15 Georgia Military Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) formed at the initial training weekend on 22-24 June 2014. Eight MYAC members represent Georgia's military dependent youth from all services and components.

MYAC is promoting two intiatives in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Education. Camo Up Day is to recognize military stuudents and their parents at a high school football game this fall. See our flyer, Camo Up Day, for more details. We are also encouraging schools to plan events to honor military children during the Month of the Military Child in April 2015. See our flyer for ideas on ways to recognize the military children in your school and community: MOMC Flyer.

OMK and MYAC can assist your school or community in planning events to honor military youth and their families this fall and spring. Contact Brian Stone at 706-542-4444 or stonebe@uga.edu for assistance.

MYAC is a vibrant organization of youth who examine the issues facing their military youth peers and address ways to help and improve the lives of these youth. Examples of ways the current MYAC have done this is through the creation of Georgia Military Teen Chat, an online forum to assist military youth moving to Georgia; interaction with state and local school officials, teachers and counselors; and interaction with state legislators, Department of Education leadership and Georgia National Guard leadership.

We will soon provide updates here on the great initiatives that this year's council have started!

Direct any questions to Brian Stone, Georgia Coordinator, Operation: Military Kids, 706-542-4444 or stonebe@uga.edu.

Leadership Day at the Capitol, February 2014

On February 24th, members of the Georgia Military Youth Advisory Council attended Leadership Day at the Capitol in Atlanta. This was the first time MYAC had been included in this youth leadership day. They had an opportunity to interact with 4-H and other youth attendees and to attend the luncheon with keynote speaker Goveror Deal. Following lunch, the youth met with their legislators to discuss military youth issues in the state. Pictured above are MYAC members meeting with Representative Ron Stephens (top photo) and Representative Willie Talton (bottom photo).

2013-14 MYAC

The 2013-14 Georgia Military Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) was formed and initially met from Friday, 21 June to Monday, 24 June 2013 at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center near Eatonton, Georgia. This year's MYAC is composed of 14 high school age active duty, national guard and reserve dependents from all branches of the military.

The objective of this youth council is to engage youth in opportunities to build skills in self-responsibility by interacting with military members, elected officials and community serving agencies. Council members will identify issues facing today’s military youth and find answers through decision making and dialogue with each other, state and military leaders and adult civilians and military members. Finally, youth will identify solutions through an action planning process to share information in innovative ways with other teens, youth and families throughout Georgia.

The MYAC is the voice of Georgia military youth, addressing their issues and working to improve the lives of our military youth.

The council met with Georgia Department of Education officials to present recommendations on ways to better support our state’s military youth.  Among the programs the council will address this year are:  1) creating an information packet on programs and support for military youth to be given to school counselors and/or included in school handbooks; 2) increasing awareness and events for the Month of the Military Child and Purple Up Day in April each year; 3) finding ways to better identify military youth in the schools; and 4) engaging local school officials and legislators on military youth issues.  MYAC appreciates your support in their endeavors.





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