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Georgia 4-H State Dairy Quiz Bowl

The 2018 Dairy Quiz Bowl will be held on June 1, 2018 in Athens, GA.

In the double elimination style quiz bowl, 4-H members learn not only dairy science related subject matter, but the valuable skills of contributing to a group effort, teamwork, learning to learn, critical thinking, planning, organization, cooperating and communicating.

Competition Guidelines:

-2018 Georgia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Quick Reference
-How to Prepare a Dairy Quiz Bowl Team

  • The Dairy Bowl consists of a series of one-on-one, double-elimination contests until the top team is determined. Pairings will be determined at random.
  • A team consists of a minimum of four Junior or four Senior 4-H'ers. In addition there may be two alternates. Only four team members can compete at any given time. Many counties use the alternates in the different phases of the contest.
  • Each county participating will be required to submit 25 questions no later than May 18, 2018. Please email questions to Dr. Jillian Bohlen at jfain@uga.edu by the provided deadline. Questions can come from Hoard's Dairyman or any other Hoard's dairy publication.
  • In the State Contest:
    • Phase A - Seniors will be given a set of 50 written questions. Juniors will not compete in Phase A.
    • Phase B - County teams will be asked five questions as a group. The team may discuss each question amongst themselves and decide upon the answer with the team captain giving the answer.
    • Phase C - Two competing teams are asked 20 questions at the same time. The first team member to signal is given the opportunity to answer. If their answer is incorrect, the other team has the opportunity to answer the same question. Bonus questions may be earned.

Awards and Recognition

  • Each participant will receive an award card and judging pin.
  • The state winning team will be the team with the highest score at the end of Phase C. In the event of a tie, five additional Phase C questions will be asked.
  • The state winning team will receive a team plaque and certificates.
  • The second and third place state teams will receive certificates.
  • County agent coach and state winning Senior team will receive an expense-paid trip to National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl. They will be required to participate in practice sessions as directed by Extension Dairy Science Specialists.
  • The State winning team, Seniors only, will be eligible for Master 4-H'er status and participate in the recognition of Special Events Winners at State 4-H Congress (travel to & from Congress is not covered). The banquet meal and lodging for the team and coach are covered; however, travel expenses are not.

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