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Georgia Collegiate 4-H Conference 2017


Community Service, Leadership, Networking, and Professional Development

Collegiate 4-H chapters are in colleges and universities acorss the state of Georgia and nation. Collegiate 4-H is a subset of Georgia 4-H that aides in strengthening ties with recent 4-H alumni that are now at postsecondary institutions. Specifically, Collegiate 4-H provides a platform for college students to give back to the organization by serving alongside counties in the surrounding area. Throughout each chapter, there are ample opportunities to serve at state, district, and county level events. Our program also offers immense opportunities for leadership by serving on state committees, serving as a club officer, or even serving in a position with National 4-H Council.

Collegiate 4-H plays a vital role in creating a network of successful Georgia 4-H alumni to serve in our communities, make new 4-H connections, and carry out national 4-H initiatives.

For more information on our chapters or to set up a chapter at your college, please contact Jenna Daniel, State of Georgia Collegiate 4-H Advisor at jbrown10@uga.edu or (706) 542-0906.

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