Mason McClintock


Mason McClintock serves as the State 4-H Board of Directors President from Bacon County in the Southeast District. He is a junior at Bacon County High School but was homeschooled until his sophomore year when he began dual-enrollment at Coastal Pines Technical College. Mason attends Bethel Free Will Baptist Church, where he helps lead worship on Sundays. Mason says that the activity that has shaped him the most is Clovers & Company, with this being his fifth-year singing with the group. He loves to sing, song-write, record and produce music, as well as play the guitar, piano, and ukulele. He plans to pursue a career in music. He is a member of the Bacon County Poultry, Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging teams and currently serves as vice-president of Bacon County 4-H. He has served on the Southeast District Junior and Senior Boards. He’s competed in Leadership in Action and recently placed 3rd in the Dean’s Award for Communications and the Arts. His project area for Project Achievement is Performing Arts Vocal. He has not obtained Master 4-H status in his project; however, he tied for 1st place at State 4-H Congress in 2016. At his Southeast District Cloverleaf Project Achievement in 2013, one of Georgia 4-H’s past State Board Presidents made a tremendous, positive impact on Mason. He decided then that his goal in 4-H was to run and be elected to serve on State Board. Mason says that his favorite thing about 4-H is the diversity of all the programs it offers and that, regardless of our differences, varying interests, or backgrounds, we are all one big family.

Angel Austin

Vice President

Angel Austin serves as State 4-H Vice-President from Ben-Hill County in the Southwest District. She joined 4-H in the fifth grade and has been an active 4-H’er ever since. Angel has mastered in the Flower’s Shrub’s and Lawn’s project, attended the National Healthy Living Summit as well as the Southern Region Teen Leadership Conference. She serves on her county club’s board as vice-president, and served on the Southwest District Senior Board of Directors. Angel loves 4-H dearly and is very thankful for the great opportunities and lifelong friendships that the organization has provided her with. Her favorite is traveling around the nation to meet new people, teach fun lessons, and especially learn new line dances from other states. She is a Health Rocks and Healthy Living Ambassador, competes in Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging, as well as Poultry Judging. Angel is a senior at Fitzgerald High School. Outside of 4-H, she is a Move On When Ready student at Wiregrass Technical College, preforms in her schools show choir, plays the piccolo and flute her marching and concert bands, participates in Drama Club, Beta Club, Interact Club, attends Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, and is Vice-President of the Local Arts Council Junior Board of Directors. Angel hopes to continue her 4-H career after high school and wants to give back to the organization that has done so much for her.

Bronson Champion

State Representative

Bronson Champion is a proud Georgia 4-H State Representative from Chattooga County. Bronson attends Trion High School as a junior. He started his 4-H career in the fifth grade as a camper and became increasingly involved in the opportunities that 4-H offers. He has enjoyed shooting sports, District Project Achievement, Consumer Judging, Poultry Judging, Clovers and Company, Statewide events, and National Conference. Bronson has competed in Performing Arts-Vocal, Sports, and Health projects. The past two years he made it to State Congress competing in the Performing Arts- Vocal category, and Health category placing second overall. Bronson has performed in Clovers and Company, which is a statewide 4-H performing arts group. He attended the National Youth Healthy Living Summit as one of only eight delegates selected by Georgia 4-H. Bronson is the County Council Public Relations officer in Chattooga County and served as the 2016-2017 Vice-President of Northwest District Senior Board. He enjoys competing in cross-country and track. Bronson states, “I would have never imagined seven years ago that I would be doing the things I am today. I love having the amazing opportunities to make an impact in my community, state, and nation through Health, Leadership, Citizenship, Performing Arts, and Friendship.”

Ericka Lord

State Representative

Ericka Lord is a State Representative from Ben Hill County. She is a junior in high school and has been an active 4-H’er since the fourth grade when she competed at her first DPA in the Crafts Project. She has served as the Southwest District Junior Board President and Senior Board President. She has competed at State 4-H Congress in the Poultry and Egg Science project, trained and received certification as a HOPE and Health Rocks ambassador, and competed at state Poultry Judging and Consumer Judging. Ericka believes that 4-H is incredibly beneficial for today’s youth because of the many skills and new learning experiences it provides. This year she wants to promote the organization to the best of her ability in hopes that it can benefit even more young people. She is thankful for all of the life skills, friendships, opportunities, and memories that 4-H has given her, and she is ecstatic to spend the year serving her peers on the Georgia 4-H State Board of Directors.

Evie Woodward

State Representative

Evie Woodward is a Southeast District Senior 4-H’er who holds one of the State Representative positions for this year’s GA 4-H State Board of Directors. Evie is from Coffee County and is in the 11th grade and has been homeschooled her entire life. She joined 4-H in the seventh grade and has been heavily involved ever since. Evie developed a strong love for 4-H over the years. In her local 4-H club, Evie has held various club offices, and she has been a teen leader since eighth grade. She was also privileged to serve on the Southeast District Junior and Senior Boards. Evie created a project that feeds children at a local elementary school who are food insecure. The project, “Bagging Hunger”, was formed in March of 2016, and Evie plans to continue this program throughout her 4-H career. Evie won first place in the district area Leadership in Action competition with her ” Bagging Hunger” project and received a $500 grant at State Congress. Evie has a passion for drama and theatre. In fact, she plans to study theatre at Valdosta State University and pursue an entertainment career. Evie is heavily involved with her county 4-H program and appreciates all they do for her. “Georgia 4-H has transformed my view on life, leadership, and hard work in so many ways. I am so blessed with the friends and advisors in my life. State Board has been a blast so far, and I have not even seen the half of it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Georgia 4-H, for all of the wonderful opportunities you send my way.”

Donovan Nelson

Northeast District Representative

Donovan Nelson is the Northeast District State Board Representative from Morgan County. His 4-H career began when he met Ms. Susan Goldman, his county extension agent. She encouraged him to run for president of his 4-H club and taught him the importance of giving everything your best, win or lose. Now a junior in high school and the starting running back for Morgan County High School, he continues to develop a love for sports and 4-H. He has competed in District Project Achievement in the health project and more recently the sports project. He has enjoyed competing is judging events ranging from wildlife and forestry to poultry. He is a certified Health Rocks Ambassador and has served on both the Northeast District Junior and Senior Boards of Directors. Because Donovan is so passionate about sports and healthy living, he draws inspiration from sports heroes like Michael Jordan, who once said, “Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Donovan has taken this message to heart and knows that whatever he wants from life, he must work for it. He is thankful for the many lifelong friend and many opportunities Georgia 4-H has provided him with. Donovan cannot wait to serve Georgia 4-H this year on the State Board of Directors in order to “Make the Best Better!”

Cody Whitlock

Northwest District Representative

Cody Whitlock is the Northwest District State Board Represemtative from Coweta County. He joined 4-H when he was around 5-years-old and gave his first demonstration at his county’s local livestock club soon after. He lives on a family farm that houses twelve different species of livestock. Cody became more and more involved with 4-H each year. When he turned 8, his grandmother gave him a set of old English chickens and from that point he developed a passion for the poultry industry. This inspired him to join his local 4-H Poultry Club and judging team. Cody has shown goats, chickens, horses, dairy heifers and rabbits. He has also competed in Wildlife Judging, Poultry Judging, Forestry Judging, Dairy Judging, Dairy Quizbowl, CPA, DPA, and numerous county competitions. Recently, Cody has mastered in Poultry Judging and Forestry Judging. Cody has held many local leadership positions, including serving as president of the Livestock Club, his middle school 4-H Club, and County Council. He has also served on the Northwest District Board of Directors. In the future, Cody hopes to earn a degree in avian biology and desires to continue his involvement with the livestock industry he loves so much. Cody states, “I have the motivation and drive to reach success, but 4-H has the resources and knowledge to get me there.”

Lindsey Kate Steedley

Southwest District Representative

Lindsey Kate Steedley is the Southwest District Representative from Clinch County. She is a senior at Clinch County High School and has been an active 4-H member since the fifth grade. She has served her district as president of the Junior Board of Directors and board member on the Senior Board of Directors. Lindsey Kate has also served as an FFA chapter officer for the past four years, spent two years as a varsity cheerleader and has been an active member of the senior Beta Club since the ninth grade. She has competed in the General Recreation Project at both the district and state level for the past three years and stays active in her county 4-H club year round. Lindsey Kate is a Certified Teen Leader and loves reaching out to Cloverleaf 4-H’ers by assisting in activities such as project achievement and county wide dances. Lindsey Kate aspires to serve as a summer camp counselor to help reach out to young 4-H’ers from all over the state. She has been positively impacted by Georgia 4-H and all of the wonderful friends she has made. Lindsey Kate’s favorites quote states, “Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – it’s about the goal.” Lindsey Kate plans to put these words into action this year and is beyond thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the organization she loves so much!

Zach Holick

Southeast District Representative

Southeast District State Board Representative, Zachary Holick from Chatham County, has been an active 4-H’er for the past four years. Zach is a senior in high school, but dual enrolls at Armstrong State University. He plans on attending the University of Georgia next fall. Zach has served on the Southeast District Senior Board of Directors and enjoys serving as a teen leader for his county’s 4-H program. Zach is also currently serving as president on his county Board of Directors. He has attended Senior Conference, State Council, Fall Forum and State Congress. Zach has competed in the Wildlife and Marine Science category as well as Family Resource Management at District Project Achievement where he advanced to compete at State Congress in both categories. Additionally, he has been a member of the wildlife, forestry, poultry, and consumer judging teams. He has moved on to the state competition with both his poultry and forestry teams. Besides keeping busy with school and 4-H activities, Zach enjoys the challenges of creating and maintaining successful small businesses. He also enjoys spending time on the field playing varsity soccer, swimming and cross country. He wants to thank Georgia 4-H for all the amazing opportunities and the ability to serve others and strives to give back to the club that was so important to his personal growth over the years.